What is it like to write fearlessly,
To go with words where there is nothing to be scared of,
To say what rolls around,
To be as honest as can be?

What is it like to work without sadness,
To be happy with a career,
To smile while toiling,
To be content?

What is it like to think these things?
It’s a cliff.
It’s a fool’s game.
It’s today.

Rory to Cosmos,
Two projects long overdue,
Both hanging on,
My unwillingness to quit
Keeping them in the queue.

Wim to traditional,
Two meditative styles I like to do,
Both take my breath, making me feel better,
But the time has come
To stop forcing things.

Snow days to virtual days,
Two work modes showing me the door,
Only the corridor out of the profession
Is still too far away
To let me take that walk.

Today was great,
A little work, but more a working restorative,
Reconnecting with old writing routines, old projects,
A more meditative breath work, simple, calm
I could make a post career out of these sorts of days.

Back to work,
Virtual learning is something else,
No wonder kids are struggling so.
To days, that’s all it took,
And I settled right into vacation mode,
Hang in there kids, I get it.
Two more, a bit of a break from the screens,
Then we’ll finish off this semester,
Hopefully, getting back to real school,
Not hybrid, that’s like imitation crab,
Only a copy, the real thing it isn’t.

Tomorrow, today by the time of the post,
I’ll be sitting in a classroom,
Maybe alone, maybe with a colleague,
We’ll teach our lessons, talk about football,
Then drift into that virtual haze
We see coming through the computer back at us.
The end of the day will limp towards the break
And Tuesday will pass quickly.
You guys, girls, gender neutral pronoun kids will make it,
We all will
And hopefully in 2021, we’ll all be back together,
Like it is supposed to be.

No lights,
No noise,
Except for the pedestal fan,
Its hum providing a breeze
That couldn’t be characterized as noise
Because this was soothing,
Not the normal chatter that filled the room.
We sat, socially distanced,
The full room between us
With only an occasional, “Talk to me,” or “Whatchya got”
Neither really an invitation to conversation,
More of a proclamation that the other was awake
For our break between classes is so long
And with the crazy November thunderstorms darkening the sky
And with the lights allowing the room to take on night’s visage
Both of us struggled to stay awake.

Maybe tomorrow will be the same.

Movies clips,
John Paul Jones action,
Easy conversations about nothing,
The way it should be
Working ways,
The manner of speech when friends hash things out,
Gunny knows,
Shots across the bow,
When retirement is so close it burns the whites of the eyes.
You know what I mean?

After about five months of Saturdays,
I got back to a sort of normal routine.
Lesson plans are beckoning,
It seems they don’t write themselves.

Rain was dominating the forecast,
Remnants of the awful hurricane we pass through
So I took a virtual dive into the digital divide
And made some progress on this new way of teaching.

I’m not exactly happy about it, but
Things are requiring a new attitude, and
When I think about the opportunity, I’m thankful, so
Sitting on a rainy Saturday writing plans isn’t that bad.

Getting some of it done came early,
The rain left, but the humidity stayed,
The treadmill called and I ran work away
With a YouTube run on Venice Beach.

I read somewhere that email is essentially the same
As it was when it started.
It’s sucked for an awful long time, then.

This day, I spent sending digital communication
After digital communication.
That’s not normally part of my job,

So all you office folks who have no compassion
Since you toil in this sort of drudgery all day,
I feel your pain about the kids being home.

I’m realizing that how important the brick and mortar is,
The face to face time of school.
I’m missing that.

So much in my head
Sanity at times
Seems to be blown away.

Good sleep,
Good eats,
Anything would help.

Crossword failures,
Impatience on every corner,
Frustration fever

Each testing,
All working,
None going away.

Shake things off,
Think clearly,
Keep it going.