colorful clown toy

There were a few minutes left in the longest school day of the year. My students were deep into a battle of kickball when the emergency lights around the gym started blinking. The calm and panic-inducing voice commanding everyone to leave the building. We went out into the blinding sun and winter’s wind. Luckily, the sun was winning and it wasn’t too cold. The students walked to the safe zone and we waited to hear what could have caused the unexpected building evacuation. Fortunately, nothing was too wrong. A bag of microwavable popcorn burned. The smoke ended the day.

The papers aren’t grading themselves
They just sit there waiting,
Waiting for corrections,
Comments, and

They just have to wait until tomorrow
Since today has taken winter
And put it in the rear view mirror.
I’m soaking in the the early season rays
With every bit of training my cert gave me.