Finally, Friday,
A short, long weekend
Followed up
By what willk surely be
A too short weekend.

I wonder what it’s like
When everyday is a Saturday,
An ellusive vixen
Tempting and teasing
Offering the goods,
But when you get there
It’s all nasty.

Ah, whatever,
I’m too young for that,
Friday, that’s all today is.

The days off
Might just be the best.
Work can drag a man down
But thank goodness for Sundays and rest.

So why not go for a long run
Watch a bunch of football
Sneak in a nap or two
Then wait for nightfall.

And work tomorrow.

Pepped out, man
Not a bit of energy left to give.
That blue sky and cool breeze
Took my last bit of interest
In this long week away.
So now I think,

Make a run?
Pass and go to the game?
Forget both and just hang?

I think I’ll tap out
Because this couch is me
Einstein is tight
And I think I’ve given all I can
This week.