The days off
Might just be the best.
Work can drag a man down
But thank goodness for Sundays and rest.

So why not go for a long run
Watch a bunch of football
Sneak in a nap or two
Then wait for nightfall.

And work tomorrow.

Pepped out, man
Not a bit of energy left to give.
That blue sky and cool breeze
Took my last bit of interest
In this long week away.
So now I think,

Make a run?
Pass and go to the game?
Forget both and just hang?

I think I’ll tap out
Because this couch is me
Einstein is tight
And I think I’ve given all I can
This week.

Heavy has been the weight of taste
Strong has been the partner
To the salivary libation
But the time for crisp lightening happiness
Rose from the ashes of classes
Where the rapper never stopped,
The annoyance went on, and
Patience made peace with impulsiveness
To settle on some chanting with
Those merry monks
From up in the valley
Forty eight hours will pass
The suds will wash away the angst
Monday the week will start anew
After a weekend of snooty restitution

Lost in a photo surfing haze where
Long exposure black and whites
Tell lies of stillness
In a perpetually moving scene
Providing perfect partnerships
Between the images,
Soft rain,
Hot coffee,
And Saturday morning bliss
On the couch next to
My wife and dog
Just easing into a
Nothing day