waking up or just getting to bed?
a simple enough question,
but nothing is ever as easy
as it should be.

4:00 comes early,
I suppose a lot of people
are up this early,
so its nothing special,
just a necessary time to wake,
to run,
to run with friends,
making it most necessary
I suppose
the most important time of day.

for me…

then there’s the complexity
of waking up,
whatever it means to see things correctly,
the social issues,
the political shit,
the unfortunate terms for however people explain
what it means to sacrifice individualism
for being considered a team player,
goodness knows I hate that.

so, I voluntarily rise,
as often as the winds allow,
long after I’ve gone to bed,
simply because I can,
it makes me feel “woked up,” and
I like the people I run with so much.
it truly is that simple.

the right thing, though,
a work in progress I am,
as life gets a lot more complex
with each hashtag movement,
with each dumbass person not respecting others,
with all that happens after the sun rises.

I’ll keep waking there as well
for with the sun comes renewal.