Nesting dolls,
Smaller, but the same,
None stick out
Nine may as well be twenty
There’s analytics for you,
Kind of like Democrats this time,
Hopefully, they figure it out,
#1 is too much
And needs to be voted out,
Start banging that drum,
They’ve got to see the pitch coming
Knowing what it is before his loud mouth says it,
Then again, maybe, I’ll just watch baseball,
That stacks up better than all these candidates.

New Hampshire
What about the D-O-J
The District,
Where the Feds are corrupted,
At least it looks that way,
When even the lawyers are running
But it doesn’t matter,
The Dems are collecting delegates,
The Republicans have quit building bridges,
And the orange one does what he wants.

The play has always been the law,
Control the judges, control the lawyers,
Control the lawmakers,
Keep the heat off me
Or it gets put on you.
I wasn’t around for the Red Scare,
So I don’t know what that was like,
But the country seems to have forgotten
What happens when the power shuns


See what’s going on,
Vote smart, y’all.