The vacation started just as pandemic restrictions lifted.
The vacation ended just as pandemic restrictions came back.
I’m not sure why, but we can’t learn,
We exist in denial,
We fear every breath, and
It’s bullshit.

I noticed that attitude while walking today,
For three weeks, my outdoor exercising had been so polite,
Pedestrians mattered, cars would stop for people to cross,
But today, my life was in peril,
Cars zooming here and there, little regard for the road’s side.
I missed that politeness.

Which takes me to social distancing and masks,
Pandemic stuff, people not respecting the new ways,
Not caring about others, not seeing the whole road.
The restrictions are returning,
My patience is wearing thin and
I’m tired of people not moving over on the road.

So it’s time,
Tomorrow I’ll give into the road crazies
Getting back to running in the early morning
In the dark, since the drivers don’t watch out anyway,
And my vacation is over…
It’s bullshit.

Took a break from the sand today,
The deck was just fine,
Sunny, breezy, not messy,
Socially distant,
It was perfect.

Of course the world went on,
Bad weather, bad leaders finally wearing masks,
Bad people sporting guns,
Socially ignorant,
Not so perfect.

Tomorrow, I’m back to the sand,
Waiting for the waves to crash around me,
Maybe even some intermittent fasting,
To let go of a little weight,
It’ll work, I know it will.

For I’m going to cut out some news,
All of the news, avoiding the manipulation,
Denying the negativity,
The heaviness of the bull shit that is conditioning us.
Don’t worry, I’ll have my mask, just no media.

Waking with a tight hip,
An unbending back, and
A lack of will to exercise
Put this day in sight of laziness.
Everything I could do to keep it there
Was done, although, some stretching did occur
And I walked on the beach far enough
To see a lifeguard going at it with a surfer dude,
Who must have been about forty-five.
The leftover tacos, the hard boiled eggs,
The broiled crab cakes, the cherry water ice,
Man, that was something today.
Even managed to squeeze in a nap before the beach and
A nap at the beach, snooze, sun, snooze…awesome…
Maybe that’s why my mini-golf game was a little off.

Ah, vacation…

I’m on vacation,
A time to relax,
A time to let things go,
A time for nothing.
Yet, the conversation around me speaks
Of a time filled with anxiety,
Of a time accumulating annoyances,
Of a time weighted by everything.

Man, I’m out of this shit,
I just want to sit, write, read, anything,
But discussing coronavirus and schools,
Politics and protests,
I’m undoing the last three months
One sea breeze massage at a time.
My time, down time,
Vacation time.

I’ve got my sunblock on,
My flip flops off, the
Sounds of Bakersfield spinning,
A margarita craving raging,
Simple poems flowing,
Hearty provolone sliced,
A mask ready to go, and
Not a care about anything else.

A day in the sun is exhausting, So much so that I fell asleep sitting up While the kids played Monopoly For about four hours. I didn’t sleep that long, But when I woke, There were hotels, mortgaged properties, and That look a player gets when they have no shot. Who really thinks that game is fun? I don’t think I’ve ever won, So I certainly don’t. I’d rather go out and pulverize my joints On asphalt, concrete, or trails in the woods Than watch my play money siphoned away By some snickering family member Who is believing that the game is fun. After the butt kicking put on two-thirds of the kids, We all kind of found our quiet places. I’m sitting here feeling the sun coursing through my skin, The taste of a cherry water ice tickling my tongue, and Waiting for the right time to go back to sleep. This go around I’ll be horizontal so that tomorrow I’ll be revved up and ready to go With everything from today but Monopoly.

Deep breathing,
Soulful breaths, the kind that help,
Like those after a good run,
Either super hard or steady going,
Breaths with a hold,
Letting the chemistry change,
Allowing the tension to release,
Helped by the smell of the sea,
An ocean breeze
Supported by the golden rays of a setting sun.

A change,
Good for the soul, helping the mind,
Deep breaths in an Adirondack chair
Shoulders relaxing, neck muscles loosening
The sighs meaning nothing,
Saying everything about the way it is by the ocean,
Calming, restoring, anchoring
An inner peace
To the mayhem we’ve been experiencing,
A reset of life’s rhythms.

So much to do,
So much to learn,
But not on a vacation!!
Zoom is killing me, Smalls.

Maybe part of our problem
Is that we can never get away,
That we can never disconnect.
Everything is always on-demand.

Our history is on-demand,
All of its warts, all of its sort of truths
And we are bombarded by the changing tides,
Which we should be for the waters are dirty.

Only, I am wasted, worn, withered,
Opening myself for criticism
Because the issues are too important to be ignored,
And I get that, but to be better, I need to rest.

To recharge, to rehab from the last three months,
And ramp up for the forces that are in view…
Back to school, finding a way for people to understand,
Making sure we all get out and vote.

So keep your Zoom links,
At least for the next few weeks,
I’ll be back stronger and get back to the business
Of doing things that need to be done.