I stood from my chair,
Walked over to my sleeping dog,
The evening light from the front door
Still strong enough where I could clearly see
His graying snout and my wrinkled hands.

His heavy breathing was calming,
I took a moment to just pet him,
Thinking of the current madness,
Thinking back as far as I could,
Remembering what has happened.

Grainy memories of Tet and Watergate,
Adolescent patriotism versus Iran and Russia,
The horror of LA, the shock of space shuttles,
Disbelief during 9/11, and
Confusion as to how life goes on now.

History’s calamities painting an aging picture,
The past an unwavering indictment of our worst,
Even so in our present as germs infect lungs, politics, and decency.
Time seems to wreak havoc on society
Much like the grays creep into a snout and wrinkles into hands.

The moment was too beautiful,
This golden hour of light glowing with an ease of spirit.
I sat next to my trusty pit, his soul having been dipped in good,
Leaned my head to his ribs,
And listened to the easy sound of his breathing.

I love how sometimes
I get obsessed about figuring something out
And get all geeked up and frustrated
Trying to find the answer
Then I get locked into some obscure
Discussion thread
And someone I don’t know
Says something to someone who
Had the same question I have
And they answer it simply,
Correctly, without any bs,
“Why do you care?” or
“It doesn’t matter.”

It makes me feel good
To know that I can recognize
When I’m overly analytical,
Sad that I get that way,
But better to get out of that kind of loop
Than go all scratched vinyl
Repeating the same notes all the time.

The things that go through my mind when I run.
Usually, it starts
With a song, this morning “Glory Days.” I’m
Not sure why, how could
I know that the rising sun
Could make
Me remember all those
Hanging with the crew
Back when my hair was
Something other than white. I brought it
Back to the run
Just when the breathing became labored,
When the sweat was dripping,
As I needed to stay focused
To finish the run
The battle of the mind, thinking of what was
Versus what is
Made for a nice distraction,
A chance to dream,
A chance to take leave of the moment
While getting hot without the bother.
Man, the stuff I think about

What happens when everyone is getting sick?

Yeah, answer that shit
And get back to me with a coherent plan.

Of course, you can, you’re getting paid to lead, right?
People can plan, project, and think ahead
Without actually going through something.

They can game a situation,
Guess what they would do prior to asking,

What now that everyone is getting sick?

There are too many things to think about
There are too many ways I dream to be

-Michael Bruner, Cartoons Are My Life

Have I turned the power off and back on?
Focus returning.
Full moon.
Boneless pizza?
Skipping students.
Long bus rides and longer waits.
Several days to the weekend.
Intellectual resting.
To think…


“Buried to a point of absurdity in my work.” Jimmy Iovine

Explore wild options
After all, bees surely fly.
Learning is not time.


Photo Credit: Pexels.com

“I challenge myself to stop comparing what I learn to the past.” Scott Belsky

“What did you think about?”

I thought about that question
The better answer being,
“I don’t know.”

Minutes, hours, laps
Who knows what I thought about while running.
Breathe, relax, slow down
Were the only regular thoughts I remember.

Somewhere I heard about an ultra marathoner
Who meditates while he runs.
It would have been cool to believe that’s what I was doing
Since I have nothing better to claim about my mental state while running.

Maybe that is life
Better not to think,
To just go on being.

“Hold fast, then, to this sound and wholesome rule of life-that you indulge the body only so far as is needful for good health.” Seneca

Organic living
More than grocery shopping
Clarity of life