Wandering with breaths
Empty of inspiration,
The pain of respiration
To much without a foundation.

The early years
With baptisms and acolytes
Lost in Sundays full of competition
Between church and football pregame shows.

The middle years
A buffet of energy, enlightenment, and disdain
Where koans and righteous indignation
Questioned everything of faith.

Years bring understanding
That faith is necessary
And that man is given
An ability to question and choose.

A sense of peace and fullness of belly
Has come forward to inspire,
Making breathing deep
With solid faith in what is right.

Christian lessons, there since the beginning
Make certain a life of favor
While the others offer support
Keeping me whole.

Born a Libra
Under the scales
Seeking balance
And steeped in the lukewarm waters
Of Taoism
Where the search
For the ease of spirit
And harmony of energy
Should have guided me better
Through the emotional peak
Felt after my first handstand push ups
And the mountainous depths
Experienced during a relatively
Easy wod that packed
A thumping
To my astrological and spiritual

I have challenged the Crossfit gods before
Their good natured spite
Thrown down with the exact amount
Of hurt, encouragement, laughter, and lament
To keep this fitness born-again
Respectful of their exercise dominion

My fitness gospel professes
That living the right way
Being humble
The world is too full of bravado-
Being consistent
The journey is a long process-
Being steady by
Bringing the right amount of energy
Emotionally and physically
To everything-
Handling successes
By resisting the peacock’s plume-
Dealing with failures
By embracing the struggle required by Effort
Hopefully, then, the
Spirits of the Box,
The stars,
And the Tao
Will team
To accept
My sweaty sacrament
Rounding me out
As I round down