Craziness exists all over,
Quarterback controversies,
Parents sitting in on virtual lessons,
Off screen, of course,
Lectures about the giblets are too good to miss, I suppose,
All the while, this damn virus keeps going,
The soon to be non-President is still crying wolf,
And Sunday is over.

Cue the Boomtown Rats…

Sure was nice blowing this day off
An easy lift, no running, no work,
Just a whole bunch of football.

I know days should not be wasted
We only have a finite number of them,
But it felt right.

A run
With plenty of spray,
Two parts grossed out,
One part just trotting along.

A hike
With plenty of sun,
Companions out for a walk
Sniffing all the smells.

A ride
On fat tires and potholed roads,
More of a fitness test
Than recreational endeavor.

A Sunday
Where there was time for napping,
Nascar, and golf,
Plus plenty of joking,
All there to fight off Monday…

The days off
Might just be the best.
Work can drag a man down
But thank goodness for Sundays and rest.

So why not go for a long run
Watch a bunch of football
Sneak in a nap or two
Then wait for nightfall.

And work tomorrow.

Donuts and guitar licks
Make an enjoyable
Sunday morning.

It’s weird listening
To my son play guitar
And sing his own songs.

Especially when he sings
About the Waffle House.
Hmmm, there’s an idea…

So I called up my daughter
And guilted her
Into quitting her workout

And getting a waffle!

That’s what we did,
Sitting at the counter
And soaking in the onion smell.

The drive home
Was in an out of Amish traffic
Through the rolling hills of Pennsylvania.

Getting home was good,
Except for my dog doing his own roll
Through the slop of Pennsylvania.

Now I’m sitting here
With my wife and mother-in-law
Finishing off a great day.