Alarm clocks,
Contrived annoyances to keep us on track,
The type-A tool of getting ahead,
The faux symbol of responsibility.

I’ve lost them during the pandemic.

My dog wakes me,
Instead of some digital chime.
The sun is out
Instead of night’s darkness.

I’ve developed a normal relationship with the sun.

Easing into the morning is routine,
Leisurely breakfast, sipping coffee, reading news,
Exercising happens when I’m ready,
Not when the bell goes ding-dong.

I’ve gained a relaxed rhythm during the pandemic.

The afternoons pass with quiet family time,
Lazy napping, on Thursdays and Fridays TV golf,
Dinner, PTI, writing, and when the sun sets
Getting ready for bed.

At some point the next day, the sun will rise.

The sun rose soft and inviting,
Twenty minutes later it was kicking ass,
Bright and surgical.
Two hours later it had me begging for mercy
And only hanging onto the beach
Because the family was there and
We set up a big as eff canopy.

Drained energy.

This was after a ride and a run,
During a very short swim,
Before a twenty minute walk to lift weights
And enjoy a lemon water ice.
All combined
The sun put a number
On my weak butt.

Drained energy.

But tomorrow, I’m back at it,
Earlier in the day if I must.
It’s challenge month and I’ve got
Nose breathing only
During a run in store for me.
Later I’ll ride and lift,
Hopefully no canopy…

That’s the real energy drainer.