On the bus to an away game

Listening to my iPod on random

When a “Semi-Charmed Life” came on

As we passed the country club

With its parking lot full of Volvos

And heated paddle tennis courts

Covered with yoga panted middle aged older ladies

With nothing worse to do with

Their stay at home lives of convenience.

I turned to see

One my players

Who lives a life of humble means

Checking out the opulence

With a poker face hiding

Contempt for the extravagance or

Commitment to reach that social strata.

I couldn’t read his thoughts, but

He looked deep in thought.

Two flies debated
Whether it would be better
To float like a butterfly
Or to sting like a bee.

Neither could decide
Between floating through life peacefully
Or being ready for war
In the protection of a queen.

So they just waited
For the next picnic
To get back to being
The flies that they were.

Which was good enough for them.