Pink flowers budding from some tree,
I suppose I should have paid more attention
In that Wet and Dry Biology class
Way back when.

Birds chirping off in the distance,
I’m not sure about them either,
Avian music not being a thing for me
Even today.

I do know this,
It’s nice to have a day
With nothing to do,
Wait, that would be a week.

Only I’ve got commitments today,
A thing here,
Family get together there,
The Masters is on…

All I really want to do
Is look at the flowers,
Listen to the birds,
Just be…

The papers aren’t grading themselves
They just sit there waiting,
Waiting for corrections,
Comments, and

They just have to wait until tomorrow
Since today has taken winter
And put it in the rear view mirror.
I’m soaking in the the early season rays
With every bit of training my cert gave me.


Winter has given up.
The colors have taken over,
Grasses are being mowed,
The deck can be used again.

Spring has won.
The spirit of life is renewed,
Days are long,
I’m putting the coats away.


Photo Credit: Nita via Pexels


All rights reserved-Chris Hancock

Walking my dog this morning
I could see the buds on the tree fattening.
I could hear the birds singing.
I could feel the air reconciling the changing season.

We were in step
Heading down the road
Lost in the nothingness a spring walk
Ought to bring to a soul.

Crisp air, leaving warmth on the skin,
Thoughts on winter’s beauty and spring’s renewal
Allowing us to
Be in the moment.


Months of cold
Where the bones ache
From wind and snow,

Months of frustration
Where the tempers bake
Unable of where to go,

A day of hope
Where rising temperatures make
Buds start to grow,

The Earth restores itself
By letting Spring come awake
After Winter’s numbing show,

People can do the same
By letting feelings take a break
And allowing others to know


Photo Credit: Google Images


Green goodness sprouting from the ground
The harsh winter is ending
Life is sprouting and hope has been found
Green goodness sprouting from the ground
Birds adding bring those springtime sounds
Allowing my mentals to start mending
As the green goodness is sprouting from the ground
And the harsh winter is ending.


Photo Credit: via Pexels