Maybe the point isn’t
To kick to the other team
But come on,
Soccer is just a cross between
Keep Away

I know for most of the world
That might be sacrilegious
But the worth of soccer for me
Passed when Kyle Rote, Jr.
Stopped yelling, “Man on!”

Don’t get me wrong
Soccer players have great skill
And the game is beautiful
If you can’t stand NASCAR
Or golf
So let’s keep perspective
On the role soccer
Plays in our kids’ lives

The game must be fun
The lessons of sportsmanship,
Teamwork, and
Commitment must be the focus
Helping the kids find their strengths
While working through their weaknesses

How about we just let them play
Soccer would be much better then

Greeting or goodbye?
I don’t know
I saw it on Facebook
Since “West Ham, I am.”
Uncultured in the ways
Of English Premier League Football
I’m stumbling along in linguistic limbo
As I try to engage in the madness of the pitch
It’s all part of embracing diversity
Knowing there is more out there
Or some other predictable American
Invasion game antics

While I’m broadening my world view…
Syria? Not sure there…
I’m pulling for humanity.

So now I’m looking for other pastimes.
Being a fan of the intellectual aspects of sports
I think
Soccer might be fun.
Time, space, and angles
Make the game a confluence
Of strategy and patience
That tests the American fan’s attention span
And their true team loyalties
Like when their real team competes
With their fantasy player’s statistical wad
The expulsion of all the frustration
Makes a mess of their football satisfaction

Blank as that may be…

Across-the-pond footballers are passionate
Dressed with purpose
And daring the doubters
To challenge their local authority
While willing to accept
The sacrifice that begets
Rooting for a particular club
Roaming the streets in song and tradition
Ready to make a mark
For real if need be

While I’m at broadening my world view…
How are the Richmond Tigers?
I’m pulling for them too!