There was no running today,
The snow was wet, heavy, more sleet like.
Instead, it was an inward turn,
Breaking from the pounding,
Sticking with the swinging,
Kettlebells, don’t get the wrong idea,
And diving into some downward dogs,
Knot untying, hamstrings and quads,
No ropes or chains,
Come on, now…

Later, it’s off to a bench,
Maybe nature sounds, maybe a guide,
Either way I’ll drift away,
Somewhere far off, my mind will run,
Perhaps it’ll walk, it’s about the rest,
The escape that I’m loving
The serenity,
The way the air passes in and out
The easy way
Without the cold of the snow.

Running in a snow storm, Nothing too heavy, Enough to clear the traffic. Each step was confusing, Not so much of a crunch, Equally lacking as a squish. Big flakes settling on my eyelids, No wind, surprisingly warm, Nearly a perfect morning for a run. I avoided traffic, Plowed new trails, Even caught myself smiling, a rare occurrence some say. So great.

Here it comes,
I’d rather it colder,

Here it comes,
A run,
I’d rather it than what’s next,

The combo is best,
Snow and work,
They don’t play well together,
Leaving nothing but a day to run.

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Snow came down hard,
A couple of inches had already fallen,
Choices had to be made,
To risk the roads
For five at five
Or keep it safe
Under the comfort of modern living.

Who could judge either decision?
To submit to creature comforts
Being the more logical way,
But getting into the fray
Has a romantic and adventuresome appeal.
Neither choice matters much
As the snow falls either way.

Living as a prospective knuckle dragger
Allowed the snow to draw me out of a deep sleep.
Visibility was low,
Plows were just warming up,
Their lights reflecting off the white curtain
Giving my small town
A big city neon feel.

Running in the snow is awesome.
It’s quiet, except for the crunch,
The rustling of my coat, and
A rooster who announces each morning with gusto.
Everything slows in the snow,
Pace, breathing, expectation,
Leaving a mind free to appreciate what is happening.

The wind blows the fresh undisturbed sidewalk snow
Painting a scene that Bob Ross would be proud of,
Brush strokes creating the same look of sand at the beach
That makes for beautiful abstractions.
The sidewalks share their unevenness
Like snow-capped mountains.
The conditions create an aesthetic, mindfulness.

Getting out there is great,
Too often I think I’ve avoided adventure,
Missing out on a bucket full of experiences.
With this group,
At this time,
I know I have to get out there
Seeing all that I missed, appreciating it all.