When the barking starts,
I know there is something wrong.
Maybe it’s a neighborhood dog walking by,
Maybe I just need some more sleep.
I can’t believe my dog needs more sleep,
He’s curled up in a ball all day.
I doubt I need more either,
Seven plus hours each night,
So what’s with the bark?
He’s trotting back down the hall
After staring out the front door.
I’m getting up after a nap,
No telling, here.

It’s 7PM,
All is well,
Good health,
Spectacles refrigerated,
Glutes resting on a heating pad,
No pool jets required,
And I’m going to bed
Just because I can.
Hopefully, I’ll sleep through
Because those morning laps put the hurt on me
And i need to be ready for extreme
Coffee table banter tomorrow.

Good night…