man in brown shirt standing on train rail near coconut palms
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A day of trains,
The freight train that is waking early,
The empty coal train that is fasting,
Taking the bike for a rails to trails ride,
The express of an afternoon nap, and
A screening of Cairo Station.

Each was on schedule,
Full of its particular clickety-clack rhythm,
Its whistle, and its relaxing sway.
This day was awesome
Arriving right on time,
Just when I needed it.


He’s nesting,
Spinning around and around,
Whirling with a purpose undeterred,
Digging at his blanket,
Trying to get it just right.
His tail clobbered me in the head,
His stink eye just missing my ear.
He can’t get it right,
Pawing, ducking, bobbing, weaving,
Looking for his best spot.

Down for the count.
Nesting over, a pit bull ball.

When the barking starts,
I know there is something wrong.
Maybe it’s a neighborhood dog walking by,
Maybe I just need some more sleep.
I can’t believe my dog needs more sleep,
He’s curled up in a ball all day.
I doubt I need more either,
Seven plus hours each night,
So what’s with the bark?
He’s trotting back down the hall
After staring out the front door.
I’m getting up after a nap,
No telling, here.

It’s 7PM,
All is well,
Good health,
Spectacles refrigerated,
Glutes resting on a heating pad,
No pool jets required,
And I’m going to bed
Just because I can.
Hopefully, I’ll sleep through
Because those morning laps put the hurt on me
And i need to be ready for extreme
Coffee table banter tomorrow.

Good night…