cups strewn about,
used and left for custodians
says a lot about narrowminded focus.

perhaps that’s w hy
things go as they do,
without caring or discipline.

guidance, insistence, demanding
an appreciation for proper habits
creates the atmosphere for doing what is right.

who will make that happen?
who has that power?

The traffic on the street
Should have your focus, little lady.
Put your damn phone down and
Hold your daughter’s hand.
She can barely walk,
She doesn’t understand waiting,
She knows nothing of cars darting towards the curb.
She needs you, now.

You seem to know nothing of priorities
Your social media can wait,
Your checking for news can wait,
Your high score on Candy Crush can wait,
You’ve got a toddler,
She needs you now,
But you’re lost in a digital dream,
Somewhere between unconscious and neglectful.

Were you thinking about this when you took that chance?
Was he thinking about this?
You know, that guy who promised you everything
For those few minutes of pleasure…
Probably not on both cases,
Now the truth is alive,
So long as she doesn’t get hit by a car
While you are scrolling on your phone.

“How are you complicit in creating the conditions you don’t want?” Jerry Colonna

Travel outside you
Along the way life is big
So much more to learn
Expanding boundaries soar
With choices from inside you