Not too much of anything,
Just hanging out,
Enjoying the fall colors,
Watching the leaves fall,
Trying decide between shorts and sweats,
It’s about all there is, right now.

No, not interested in the political commentary,
I know what they’re about,
Bland sound bites with nothing to say,
Full of hubris and gall,
It’s like trying to decide between wrong and wrong,
That’s how I feel, right now.

A breeze just came,
You should see the leaves breaking away,
They float so easily to the ground,
Fast enough for their colors to blur a bit,
No passion, no resignation,
Only a peacefulness as they nestle on the ground.

I was cruising along,
Not a care in the world
No COVID worries,
No indecision by our leaders,

I decided to reach back to my past,
I think I was inspired by a quote I read,
“The past is never gone, “something like that, credit to Faulkner,
But the reach was only a few years ago when CrossFit was my thing
And given that I was not caring today, I decided to try a WOD.

The details of the workout don’t matter,
It kicked my apathetic butt,
So much so that I leashed my dog to a kettlebell,
Grabbed a beach chair, sat with him, and let sweat puddle under me.
Man, did it feel good.

There was no talking about schools,
No political ads,
Nothing to incite any violence.
It was wonderful, peaceful,
Just the way things ought to be.

A quick shower,
A little lunch, some laughter about misinterpreted song lyrics,
And some important historical knowledge dropped my way,
Credit goes to Kareem.
Then came the long, slow afternoon.

Twitter, local news, cable news,
A three-headed monster.
Email, Zoom, scam phones calls,
A brother, sister, or cousin of the three-headed monster.
Aggravation began to set in.

Thankfully, an awesome dinner broke the cycle,
Chicken and mashed potatoes soothe a soul.
Baseball’s on and I’m physically wasted the way I like after HIIT,
Back to not caring about s#%t, and
Waiting for the perfect time to go to bed.


Muddy bay side smells
Tide out, a full moon morning
Gentle winds lifting


Photo Credit: By Staib [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (, from Wikimedia Commons

“Remember to play after every storm.” Mattie Stepanek

Blowups don’t help
Only making things worse
Than before the detonation

Clean is what it is
A mess moved around
Put into a different container

Finding relief in spite of the pressures
That’s how it should be
Living in a state of play

Lounging in the fun that happens
Despite the pressures
That we create

Two knuckles into
Writing a grant and grading exams
When the blitz dropped
Neutron bombs onto my hard drive
Lost. Gone. Finito.

Most of the work survived, but
The day of purposeful and professional writing
Would have to wait
Until the tech department heroes
Worked their automotive magic
To repair the old Chevette
Stuffed into my employer issued Acer

So now what
Why not talk about an old lady in a bonnet
Going to church with her gangster grandson
Only to have her bonnet shot
Right off her God fearing head

That’s right
Shot right off her head
By a couple of unthinking hooligans
During the Sunday truce

Fortunately, she made off better than
My computer’s innards
Which didn’t survive the nuclear explosion
Nothing makes a difficult computer day
Better than serious conversation
About the streets of West Bmore

There are scads of reasons
For simplicity to reign
Low stress being the umbrella
To cover them all
Why then is everything so tough
With interest accruing in microanalysis
Of every detail…
Of every situation…

Go with the flow
Let the breezes carry you forward
Or sdrawkcab
It’s all good
Relish the ease of life
Be free of complication
There’s too much positivity
Too miss
By foolishly fretting