Taking one day away
Too all the aches and pains down
“Take another, kid”


Getting off my feet
Letting muscules recover
Has been a blessing


A mental struggle
Shutting down effortlessly,
A body needs rest

The heating pad is there,
Trying to prevent calf soreness
In a way ice never will.
It’s all warm down there
Relaxed, soothing.

Ice just complicates things,
Taking the swelling away
And massaging in freezer burn
Multiplying the pain
Brought with the cold.

“Remember to play after every storm.” Mattie Stepanek

Blowups don’t help
Only making things worse
Than before the detonation

Clean is what it is
A mess moved around
Put into a different container

Finding relief in spite of the pressures
That’s how it should be
Living in a state of play

Lounging in the fun that happens
Despite the pressures
That we create