The Seventeenth Haiku

So much rain falling
No break from humidity
Winter might come soon


Softly falling rain
Leaves drooping without sunlight
Puddles for splashing

5:20 AM

Rain is falling outside.
The sound of the water
Bouncing on the deck
Is soothing.
Soundscapes adds an Old Dominion Road
Quality to the room
As the music brings a relaxing vitality
To the dark morning.

And finally, exhaustion begins to take over.

The calm of being so tired, so
Worn and worried
Is ebbing from my body.
I’m thinking with the rain
In emotional puddles
That are finally starting to wash away,
Finding the path of least resistance
That is so elusive without a storm.

And then the alarm goes off…

The music and the rain take leave of their duties
A clock ticks its rhythm
Of real life, responsibility, and continuance.
There is no time to catch up,
To find the peaceful groove that is coming
It’s back to the grind
And the prison that is routine.
Tick, tock, tick…

Crazy, but I feel I’m standing in the rain.

Storm Winds


Green skies, clouds billow
Angry winds bend trees over
Light rain falls sideways


Photo Credit: splitshire via Pexels

Without Television

A soft rain is falling,
Giving back up to Bruce Hornsby
Who comes through the speakers
Singing a live version of “Mandolin Rain.”

I’m sitting washed in the sounds
Of great performances,
Natural and man made,
Just glad for this peaceful moment.

The burden of moving removed and
The annoyance of a head cold passing
Has allowed me to take in the patter and
To “listen to the tears roll.”

There’s soup on the stove
Waiting for the cooler temperatures
Pushing the rain along.
I’m going to enjoy them too.

Morning Rain

The rain arrived slowly.
Its stay was brief.
A torrent of water
Fell from the sky,
The drops never deviated
From their path.
The trees were still.
No wind blew
And it seemed as if
We might be in for a soaker.
Alas, it was not to be.
The rain stopped.
The sky lightened.