Rain is falling, again,
I can’t say I mind
Because I’m hoping people will shelter
Staying away from the places
That might put others at risk.

I broke the rules this morning,
Letting the forecast schedule my workout
Which was okay
Since I committed to riding inside
Instead of pounding the pavement.

The course was out in Cali,
Posted to YouTube and there I was riding
At twenty-eight virtual miles per hour
Jostling for position, until at the end
It was obvious, the camera rider’s soul was gone.

Mine, too, sort of,
Since I tried to match the pace as best I could
On my spinning bike.
Limited to rpm comparisons,
I clocked in at about half the rpm of the soul starved one.

Right about where I thought I’d be,
Half as good as those dudes,
Same as when I run, about half as fast as the fastest,
So I toweled off, changed into dry clothes,
And headed upstairs

Where the coffee was hot, and a sixteen-ounce
Piece of pound cake was waiting for breakfast.
The coffee let loose the flavor of a chunk of ginger
And eventually became a mug of coffee leftovers
Watered down with boiling hot water.

The color of the water gradually going from coffee dark
To water clear and less of a ginger kick with each mug.
Maybe half as strong with each refill,
Perfect for a rainy day,
Watered down.

Rain falling can be so soothing.
I can’t help but give thanks to the rain,
Its help,
Relaxing stir crazy nerves,
Keeping people at home,
Washing away the pollen,
All the good things rain can do.

A steady shower became a pouring torrent
When the munchies came my way.
A bag of trail mix,
All lightly salted
Brought a taste I had not savored in a long while.

Too often, I’m rushing,
Stuffing my face
So outside of the tasting moment
That I forget to be mindful
Of the joy food can bring.
Each bite,
Earthy, and oh…that salt…

Here it comes,
I’d rather it colder,

Here it comes,
A run,
I’d rather it than what’s next,

The combo is best,
Snow and work,
They don’t play well together,
Leaving nothing but a day to run.

At 4:45 this morning,
Kashmir came on.
It was too dark to be bothered,
So I cranked up the volume,
Leaned back from the steering wheel
And absorbed the heated seat’s warm-up efforts
While the music did its best to wake my tired soul.

Outside, the threats of rain
Sought to sully my workout interest,
Mother Nature could not have known
How I had already cut her out of my morning equation.
Zeppelin had sealed her fate
As I would do battle with the early morning fitness foes
On my terms, not hers.

She cried, letting loose with a torrent,
While I laughed dripping sweat on a rubber floor.
Aching hamstrings and a doubting spirit
Were not to be coddled as the lyric,
“Let me take you there,” kept the swing in my hips
And a swerve in my groove
That took me through to the end.

After coffee and a post workout conversation,
I walked out of the gym and into a cool rain.
With liquid contentment, I loped through the puddles without care.
Back in the truck, wet from sweat and rain,
I turned the key, a random song came on,
But it couldn’t move the needle the way Kashmir had.
The wipers swiped. The day went on.