This morning was a perfect wake up. Nobody else was out of bed and it was perfectly quiet. After gusting winds over the last two days, there was barely a breeze and the ocean looked to be perfectly still. Gradually, the sounds of life began, first as a simple conversation with my wife, then with the pounding rubber of joggers out for a run and the whir of bike tires as Schwinn’s sped by. Before long a surveyor’s measuring tape was plotting a lot for new construction. The day had started. The quiet was gone. So it is with people.

Up at six
To walk the dog
Back a few minutes later
For the quiet
Of Sunday morning
The fans upstairs hum
The cat calls
The dog snores
The refrigerator whirs
And finally,
Number Three is up
Hitting each step on the wood floors
With a clumsy gait
Inspired by a groggy head
His voice raspy and high
As he laughs at the dog
And wrestles with morning induced boredom
Nearly setting in as quickly as he awoke

It’s over

The licking of the dog is so loud
The cats have food and water
There is plenty to do
How could you be bored…

Maybe there is still time
To attempt a nap
Before it gets really loud