Marcello Martinez (Latino Student)

We’ve been keeping a low profile,
Our parents and the activists helping us stay in America
Advised us to stay away from anything that might
Draw attention from law enforcement.

These Americans are fighting over sports and music
While my cousins are not allowed to go to school in Mexico,
Their school is in a dump, the cartel has closed the school
Until after the election since that’s where people vote.

The order is to stay away from the school
Or else.
It made me think
This fight is ridiculous.

Rhonda Dean (Track, Eight Bars Parents)

Coach Clay…

He doesn’t get it,
Track has always been a sport
Recognized for its passion and strength
We are protesting in the same way
Smith and Carlos
Did back in 1968.
They were raising awareness
Against those fighting to suppress human rights.

This is a smaller scale protest,
But our parents are abusing their powers,
Our administration is abusing its authority
For political gain,
We are exercising our rights to free speech.
He should understand that,
But then, again,
He is part of the power.

Kevin Palmer (Technology Kid)

None of the computers are working correctly,
It could be because I set them all to airplane mode,
Everyone thinks they know how tech works,
Until it doesn’t.

Just playing my part in the protest.

Tony Weaver (Baseball Coach)

Last year at this time,
We were gearing up for the fall season.
So far I haven’t heard from any of the guys.
I wonder what’s going on.

It’s like the old days
Before year-round baseball.
I’m not sure what I’ll do in the Fall
If we don’t have a league.

Jerry Dean (Basketball Player, Eight Bars Parents)

I should be organizing our next move,
Our parents are trying to get rid of Sports and Music,
But this is small potatoes
Compared to what I want to talk about.

You see, I may be a kid
In the eyes of the law
And I get to go home to my parents each night.
They get to be with me,

But in the eyes of this youth,
I have a voice, I have a conscience,
And I will use it for what is right.
This argument about coaches is not right.

It is nothing, it’s trivial and petty,
Because there are children
Who don’t get to be with their parents
And their parents have no recourse to get the children back.

We the people,
A narrow-minded and split electorate,
Put this disgrace in office
Under the guise that His administration would be good for us.

How much longer will people
In the way that THIS GUY
Is governing?

Forget what party a person is in,
Forget where they get their cable news,
Forget where they worship,
Aren’t people aware of the hateful things being done?

Why aren’t there more protests?
Why aren’t more businesses speaking out?
When will the country music artists speak out?
Middle America and religious values, are you there?

Right now, school is about to start,
We are ready to protest the way our district is handling the issue,
It’s basically the same mentality
As our President with immigration.

Kids are being held hostage
While adults posture for their gain
At the expense of

We will address our concerns
In the best ways we can,
Rest assured, though,
We are not kids.

Meg Nichols (Art Teacher)

Whoever is doing this,
Has art down,
She, at least I’m leaning towards a her,
Understands that artists set moods,
That art challenges authority,
Making a mockery of pomposity,
And by just flat out calling shit out.
Choosing mushroom houses for her canvases
Makes sense given the constitution of the compost.

I see clues suggesting it’s one of my students
Who is responsible for the protest pieces,
Little hints the artist is dropping
That suggest who she might be, like that
One of the kids
With sports uniforms and musical instruments
Delivering tampons for charity,
It came out at the end of our school’s
Tampon drive. That’s a sure clue that it’s one of our students.

But what did that piece say about the situation?
Maybe that the whole thing is a mess,
That these kids on the vacuous mushroom house walls
Should be playing, practicing, or
That nothing can hold them back,
That they are more than athletes or musicians, oh
I don’t know, but I’d like to ask her.

Or him?

Robert Woods (A Local Dude)

These kids are pissed.
They are organizing.
They have a plan.
I’m not sure who is helping them,
But I am sure they are serious.
Even the young ones
On my elementary run
Are on board.