Is This Where We’re Going?

From a chapter on fascism…

Never thought I would want
A moral majority to stand up,
But with babies being kidnapped
Under the guise
Of biblical bastardizations and
With the sleight of an extremist’s hand,
One that feels authoritarian and oppressive,
Not protective of a democratic republic,

I feel like the pious
Should weigh in
Before freedom of religion
Means only that
Which the Manhattan Monarch
Deems most suitable to “his” cause,
His creation of a god-like persona.
Would that come as a surprise to moral types?

Or are they stitching uniforms for their youth,
Glued to government television,
Reading the propaganda, and
Praying to the one
Making a mockery of their beliefs,
All that their god stood for
The very ideals that His son died for.
Just sayin’…

Normalcy Desensitized: Power

“The attitude with which we approach the situation can determine our success or failure.” Peyton Manning

Why is it that things have become so sexual?
Everywhere I turn there is something about sex,
Most recently the dark side of what should be so beautiful.

Some will harp on how desire is the problem,
But too me, it is people who have no values
Who only understand that they are entitled to whatever they want.

It’s power, always power, that creates these monsters
Because their ego is never satisfied and no stirs a reaction
That puts them on the take, take, take, mindset

They think they can have what the want,
A grab here, a bedding there, a watch while I (never mind)
Since this about criticizing the asses that are ruining every day.

I’m tired of politicians who abuse their power.
I’m tired of teachers who abuse their power.
I’m tired of entertainers who abuse their power.

Tired of the powerful…

Explosions Widen Storms: Power Positions

“Remember to play after every storm.” Mattie Stepanek

Laughing at hormones
Standing upright for vigor
One happy man-day

(7) No Slogans Here (3/7)

“Poetic facts lay their claims on us.” Jason Silva

Not for lovers today,
Virginia showed its ass
In a way that
She strongly wants to escape.

The problem is that hatred
Does not respect state lines.
Truth is, left unchecked
These Puritans and seekers of Alabaster lives
Will go everywhere.
Wreaking havoc with fear.

Where is Lady Justice?
How about Lady Liberty?
They are more than statues, Sir.
They are ideas that are more important
Than focus groups,
Base constituents, and
Air time on conservative news outlets.

Let them go, Sir.
Groping will not solve your problems,
Nor will it get Virginia back to being
For lovers and on
The track of expunging its past.



Nothing is right there
Situations cause power
Study, find something


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The Laws (9-11)

Quotes are taken from “The Fifth Discipline,” by Peter Senge.


“You can have your cake and eat it too—but not at once…”

Power gets things done
Ego thrives from power’s seed
Separate beds, please


“Dividing an elephant in half does not produce two small elephants…”

Politicians know
Ideology divides
Duels end badly


“There is no blame…”

Meaningless voting
Trees pushed over by high winds
Sometimes things happen

The Laws (1-4)

Quotes are taken from “The Fifth Discipline,” by Peter Senge.


“Today’s problems come from yesterday’s solutions…”

Obama was hope
The latest to lead us back
Look what that got us


“The harder you push the harder the system pushes back…”

Sure straw will give in
Right before the camel’s back.
Chaos does both in


“Behavior grows better before it gets worse…”

Keeping makeup on
Presents emperors as nice
He can change quickly


“The easy way out usually leads back in…”

Simple stays simple,
Eyes focused stay bright and clear.
Washington, D.C.?