Can it get any worse,
The pulling of the purse?

Could it be the orange one lies
All the while hosting foreign spies?

Why can’t his supporters understand
His hypocritical fellatio as also ran

Or are they sucking up so much of his crap
That they’re buying his dance on their laps?

Please let this end, the disaster that is now
Before China joins Russia in owning a presidential sow.

Tonight I had had enough of Trump.
I’m sick of the Republicans, the Democrats,
Both proclaiming to have my interests
At the top of their lists.

I had also grown tired of sports,
MLB, NBA, NCAA all initials
For greed and the monopolization
Of my time.

“That’s it,” I said,
Flipping to MeTv
To catch some lighthearted seventies sitcom hilarity
On an early episode of MASH.

There was a time
When I could recite every line of each episode,
But the show tonight felt new,
One that kind of reminded me of the greatness of the show.

It was funny,
The humor had a great bite to its political humor.
I sensed the same need for humor
In Korean/Vietnam war commentary and the current DC BS.

There was a gut punch, though.
Henry could not be with his newborn son.
Radar brought him a baby to hold.
I knew Henry would never see his son.

For later in the series,
Henry dies,
In one of the greatest episodes of television history.
I changed the channel during a commercial.

The scene on the screen made me want to scream
As reporters described children who may never see their parents again
Because they were taken away by an orange man
And his red-hatted haters.

Again, where is the comedy,
Where are the artists,
Where are the politicians who stand for something
Other than hyperbole and re-election.

I stuck with MASH,
Satisfied with the entertainment value,
More impressed with the social commentary,
And so disappointed with everything else.



Family focus?
Liar, liar, tongue on fire
Put up and shut up
Conjoin your money and mouth
Put families up here.






Photo Credit: By Martin Dürrschnabel, de:Benutzer:Martin-D1, user:Martin-D [CC BY-SA 2.5 (, from Wikimedia Commons

From a chapter on fascism…

Never thought I would want
A moral majority to stand up,
But with babies being kidnapped
Under the guise
Of biblical bastardizations and
With the sleight of an extremist’s hand,
One that feels authoritarian and oppressive,
Not protective of a democratic republic,

I feel like the pious
Should weigh in
Before freedom of religion
Means only that
Which the Manhattan Monarch
Deems most suitable to “his” cause,
His creation of a god-like persona.
Would that come as a surprise to moral types?

Or are they stitching uniforms for their youth,
Glued to government television,
Reading the propaganda, and
Praying to the one
Making a mockery of their beliefs,
All that their god stood for
The very ideals that His son died for.
Just sayin’…

My runny nose
can’t wait for the tax break
that will keep me
from paying through ‘da nose

Maybe I’ll cough
All the way to the bank
Because if this cough should kill me
My family will reep the credits.

Thank you,
Republicans for knowing
How much I would appreciate
Your taxing consideration.