Mark Watts (Former Athlete, Eight Bars Parent)

This is bull,
My college coach was an ass,
My high school coach was an ass,
My dad was my coach, he was an ass.

Now my son smokes weed,
Doesn’t want to play baseball,
And is an all-around ass of a kid.
Coaching probably made him that way.

Grant Pearce (Guitar, Music Friends of Sports Parents)

Wouldn’t it be something
If my dad could grow weed legally?
I would love joking with my Health teacher
About how my dad was a drug dealer
And he was making it legit
In a way Michael Corleone and Stringer Bell never did.

The rest of this stuff is bull,
I’m about to graduate,
Take a year to take my skills on the road,
And then figure out if college is for me.
Maybe I’ll go back, maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll farm,
Like Stan, that Jamaican kid my dad always talks about.

Jerry Dean (Basketball Player, Eight Bars Parents)

My parents are pathetic with this,
They don’t understand that a mob mentality is ruling,
What if it was the President acting like this,
Would they still care so little?

I don’t want sports to be canned.
I don’t want music to be canned.
I don’t want to grow up without stones.
I care what my friends think.