Perspectives: 161/365

Grant Pearce (Guitar, Music Friends of Sports Parents)

Wouldn’t it be something
If my dad could grow weed legally?
I would love joking with my Health teacher
About how my dad was a drug dealer
And he was making it legit
In a way Michael Corleone and Stringer Bell never did.

The rest of this stuff is bull,
I’m about to graduate,
Take a year to take my skills on the road,
And then figure out if college is for me.
Maybe I’ll go back, maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll farm,
Like Stan, that Jamaican kid my dad always talks about.

Perspectives: 159/365

Jerry Dean (Basketball Player, Eight Bars Parents)

My parents are pathetic with this,
They don’t understand that a mob mentality is ruling,
What if it was the President acting like this,
Would they still care so little?

I don’t want sports to be canned.
I don’t want music to be canned.
I don’t want to grow up without stones.
I care what my friends think.