Be gracious.
Be gracious.

Be the same,
Up or down.

Show patience.
Be patient.

Be the same,
Bad or good.

The way.
The way.

Be the same,
Clear to all.


Photo Credit: Jim Jackson via Pexels

Rest for a moment
Words of war
Make wounds, not peace
Take time in your grief
For striking under a temper’s heat
Cannot soothe the coldness
Of an unnecessary death

Endure hardship
With honor and pride
Risk change with caution
Armored only with your values
To protect against the trouble and grief
That must be managed


Defend against them
Stay to true to what is right

Changing days
Sometimes makes
A difference

Jokes do better
Garnering more laughs
From challenged minds

Patience acts more confidently
When the aggravation disappears
Letting a day prosper

Hopefully more days go well
So toiling goes down easily
And the minutes pass peacefully

Little quotes
Inspiration in lit
All driving a message
Of patience

The steadfast meandering
Of emotions ebbing and flowing
Cannot be dammed
Creating lakes full of grief

Finding inspiration
Whatever the source
Helps just a little
For time is the true constant

Be it wise then
To accept these times
Knowing each moment
Brings a challenge

The handling of which
Is not done alone
I am with you
Being whatever you need

The virtue of patience
Something he left to all
Will serve its purpose
As we move in these tough times

The plow guys know
Not to set the plow so low
In the deep snow
They know digging deeply
Will only lead to strain
And keep the job from going lightly
The plow guys know
That deep snow requires patience
To be removed
For the snow just rests
Wherever it is
Without care
For whether the plow guys
Get jammed up or not
The snow simply waits to be moved
So the plow guys know
Little by little is better

Compassion and courtesy
Make the world a better place
I get it
But I’m flawed
And there are times when the ire within
Interferes with what I know is right
A wrong done to me
Places the doer square in my sights
Where, hopefully, I’ve forgotten to bring
My revenge reading glasses
Lest I ignore
Compassion and courtesy

Step by step the goal gets closer
One round finished, two to go
Three months ago
I would have been gassed
Ready to walk and labor
Through the last meters
Without the rhythm to breath

Swing by swing the goal gets closer
One round finished, two to go
Three months ago
My hands would be straining
Under the auspices of cluelessness
Unaware of the strength of the hips to move poods

Toss by toss the goal gets closer
One round finished, two to go
Three months ago
My legs would have balked
Without belief in their ability
To drop deeply and drive

Moving steadily the goal gets closer
One, two, three rounds finished
Twelve minutes ago
My mind wandered
Questioning if my body was up to the challenge
Calmly the heart stepped in pulsing positive flow
Bringing the whole system together