I’m wondering about the drug problems
Existing all around,
The way we address it all,
As sickness, as criminal, as weakness,
Whatever the latest tact is.

All I know is that I wish people weren’t doing drugs,
I wish the companies selling drugs were responsible,
I wish those selling illegal drugs
Had legitimate jobs so they didn’t need to hustle.
It’s all really too much.

I find these days of training sad,
I’m nearly a first responder,
Nearly a guard, nearly a counselor of potential addicts,
And more than anything,
I just want to be a teacher and coach.

But life gets in the way,
The lives of others
Who are battling to ignore tempations,
To skirt through the narrow passages of addiction,
Those lives that are changing my career.

It would be trite to say, “It’s all good,” because it isn’t,
It’s horrible what is happening and
I hope these trainings help me help others,
I just feel like I’m so on the edge of the problem
Which is out of control on a level much grander than high school Health.