Cracking an almond between strong teeth
Brought out the best flavor,
Smokey, full, robust…
I love a trail mix desert at lunch,
Almonds, pecans, some seeds, and the sweetest raisins,
They are damn good, bringing a lightness to balance the almonds’ heft.
With just the right amount of coaxing from my tongue,
My cheeks and gums will give up one last bite.


Paleo was getting old
All those fruits, veges, and meats
Had made my caveman motivations
Long for the psychedelia of a wanton weekend
With a bunch of reckless eating

The binge started with pizza
Meat lovers with I don’t even know what meat
Since my glasses were at home
And I couldn’t see well enough to count the carcasses
I was about to inhale
The crust was perfect
Thin with crunch and chew
Homemade sauce and the best cheeses
Four glasses of cider and
Friday was done

Saturday continued the gorging
A bagel buried in cream cheese
A brisket sandwich buried in barbecue sauce
Leftover sloppy joe led
To Sunday’s grazing
With bagel’s, PBJs, and
A pizza and crepe dinner
Where two slices of pepperoni opened
For four cinnamon and orange crepes
Rolled by local Kennett Squaricans,
Not too tightly
And with a touch that
Would make the Mandlebaums proud

It’s Tuesday and I can’t wait
For some fruit
Some veges
And I just saw a recipe for coconut crusted drum sticks
I suppose sideswiping my nutritional commitment
Was okay
But all I got for it
Was sluggish and guilty
Those days of pulling an Oscar
And devouring whatever
Don’t appeal to me anymore
At least not all of the time