There on the front step,
I was standing in the night,
Chilled by an April wind
Warning of frost and waiting,
Waiting for my dog
To go through his nightly routine
Of stretching, scratching, and being begged
To hurry up and get a quick pee
So we could all settle down for the night.
I needed him to hurry,
Lest someone see me brushing my teeth,
Right there next to the driveway we share
With the kidless couple next door,
Their two hybrid cars squeezed together
Filling their half of the driveway
And making me wonder as I waited for E
How they got into their house,
Or better yet, did they ever come out?
Finally, E made it to a bush,
I was foaming at the mouth,
There weren’t any planes in the sky,
A rarity, not seen since 9/11.
With his business done,
I was able to go inside and spit,
An occurrence not acceptable outside anymore,
What will tobacco chewers do?
How about the sunflower seed lovers?
The guy we run with?…
Maybe tomorrow I’ll scratch with my dog
Before my brushing.

These days seem like
Going from dark to dark.
The moon is still
Working a long shift,
The sun seems to arrive later
Then take an early leave.
The seasons are changing,
Less day brings more night and
A chance that the sunlight
Might never be seen.