Waiting for a car inspection,
The drug of morning television
Overdosing the waiting area.
Bad weather,
Government shutdown,
Terrorist bombings,
Racial intimidation,
Sports controversy.
How is it this way,
Negativity on top of more
Sitting under such news
Is bringing a media-sick
Rivaling the worst drugs,
At least metaphorically
For I’d hate to be accused of hyping
My disdain for the news
In the same way that they
Show life.


Not sure how much longer
I can take it…

Facebook, all the Trump stuff
I’m out on it.
I didn’t vote for him.
I don’t like his policies.
The next four years are shaping up
To be one legal battle after the next.

Not sure how much longer
I can take it…

What am I left with?
It seems like everywhere I go
It’s one Trump something
Or something else.
Bad. Gonna be great. Fabulous. Fake.
Supporters, haters,
I’m tired of them all.

It’s on my Twitter, too.
I don’t follow the President,
But an awful lot of the writer types I do follow
Have strong opinions
About the new guy.
I don’t disagree, but
I sure am tired.

Maybe this is a sign from above
That I should scale back my social media outlets.
Is this the time to cut the cord?
Who needs all this fact checking, fake news making,
Fear mongering, and bold faced government lying?
The government is the ultimate reality show,
Replacing sports.

Which I’m not sure I can take anymore either
Since politics is seeping in there too.

Oh well, logging out is becoming more likely.


Photo Credit: socialnsport.com via Google Images

The life we lead
Brings the obstacles before us
Health care, standards, dwindling pensions
Test the mettle of the most optimistic
The barbs against peacefulness
Only find a foothold
When their abstraction
Becomes the reality we create
Those same obstacles
Viewed with a different lens
Or spoken about
With a different language
Can float away
In a lightly blown breeze
Restoring the solitude
Known to those feeding off of
Bliss, ignorance, or properly ranked priorities
Be full,
Full of the air the gives
Obstacles all of that room
They need to pass by
So we have
Space to breathe