Double bogeyed today,
Too much golf.
Although, I checked in with my youth
Watching some old school NBA
And realizing just how old I’m getting
When I texted a friend and said,
“Basketball was so much better back then.”
How does that happen?
You know,
The way we thing be were better long ago
Maybe it’s a relating thing,
I was young,
I knew the game was supposed to go through the post,
Three pointers were a low percentage risk,
And besides, only a couple of guys could shoot them.
Now it’s dribble, dribble, shoot a three.
Imagine the game without a skyhook,
Makes me sad thinking about it.
But back to golf,
I miss the crowds, it’s not fun watching without them,
Even with the gratuitous cliche cavorting.
Tomorrow is a new day,
I’m going to skip watching sports,
Getting back to doing stuff.
Itzler was right.

A rolling Cody Zeller
Coming out of a double screen
Is not much of stylistic threat,
But two points
Serve the play’s design.

His hook from the baseline
Aches with ugliness,
Two points through the nets, though,
Just enough to keep
His checks coming.

“The world is still a weird place, despite my efforts to make clear and perfect sense of it.” Hunter S. Thompson.

Circus atmosphere
T-shirts flying through the air
Eighty dollar meals
Time spent with my family
More important than the game

Guy 1: Pat Riley was the best coach ever.

Guy 2: Not at all. Auerbach. He won way more championships.

Guy 1: Then you would have to say Phil Jackson is best according to the championship metric.

Guy 2: He doesn’t count. He had Jordan and Pippen, then Shaq and Kobe. All that Zen stuff masks the unbelievable talent he had.

Guy 1: Red was the man. He did it over the long haul and consecutively. The Celtics were boss.

Guy 2: But they could never compete today. I’ll give you his teams being great, but was he a good coach or a good collector of talent?

Guy 1: Good coaches know how to get out of the way of talent. The players are what get it done.

Guy 2: You don’t think Jackson got out of Jordan’s way?

Guy 1: But Phil didn’t build the Bulls or Lakers. And look at what has happened in New York. Phil’s a part time GM. Where is his commitment?

Guy 2: This isn’t about him with the Knicks. It’s about his coaching. He’s got the hardware. Come on, now…

Guy 1: Come to think of, we’re both wrong. Popovich is the best coach. Look what he did in a small market.

Innocent Bystander: Oy…

The word is out
On the un-closeted arrival
Of a professional athlete

How is this news?

I mean really
Haven’t we been around long enough
To know
All that matters is who you are

And in the NBA

Enough of these phobias
Rebounds are rebounds
Defense is defense
And the pick and roll
Has nothing to do with a private life

Hopefully we will learn
That NBA stands
For “No Bigots Allowed.”