When the barking starts,
I know there is something wrong.
Maybe it’s a neighborhood dog walking by,
Maybe I just need some more sleep.
I can’t believe my dog needs more sleep,
He’s curled up in a ball all day.
I doubt I need more either,
Seven plus hours each night,
So what’s with the bark?
He’s trotting back down the hall
After staring out the front door.
I’m getting up after a nap,
No telling, here.

“Humph, who put this couch here?”
Said the guy after
Napping for two hours.

His last words had been,
“I’m just closing my eyes
For fifteen minutes.”

His wife knew better.
It was Sunday.

Stretched out on the couch,
Sun just hitting my feet
With the full weight of my dog
Resting solidly on my lap.
His eyes look lazily down the hall,
Keeping watch on the front door
As sleep begins to win over our day.

We might not move.

So hungry,
Housing last night’s dinner
For today’s afternoon snack.

Sometimes it just hasta be that way.

The pangs just came on
After listening the the condiment king
And the gluten free gladiator talk about food.

I just hadta destroy this bowl of pasta.

A nap will come soon
Inspired by the same sounds
That made my gluttony so obscene.

I wonder what tomorrow holds.

All rights reserved-Chris Hancock
All rights reserved-Chris Hancock

Leaving museums leaves my mind spinning
I go there anticipating the calm
Like those people sitting in corners
Reading books
Or just staring across the room
I imagine they have shut down
Letting the nothingness absorb the hectics
Most of us are dealing with daily
But I get overwhelmed
By the energy
So crammed into each work of art that
My mind starts spinning
Thinking of the artist’s process
To create realistic paintings,
A riddle I can’t ever figure,
Then switching quickly
Into an abstraction that forces me to gasp
Because the emotion is so clear, so personal
I walk out of those curated halls
A mental mess of ideas
Clamoring to find paper, canvas, or an audience

Nap time.

First nap, new year
Hopefully was not as bad
As the first nap of my first year
Dog woofing…
Front door slamming…
Tears for Fears shouting…
All I want to do is sleep off
These delicious shrimp tacos
And huge bowl of rich ice cream

Sometimes naps
Just aren’t worth it