Ole self-reliance,
That tried and true cliche
Explaining everything success is about,
All that.

I love when those on top,
The ones who have made it,
Especially when they came from nothing,
Make it seem
Like all it takes
Is believing in oneself,
Getting it done, personally getting it done.

I’ve got no argument on this one,
I get where I get because of what I put into it,
When I believe, I get farther,
When I’m shy or lack confidence, here’s where I’ll stay.
So that’s why I like hearing what they say,
Their blunt force reminder that their world is
“What you make of it.”

Keep making,
If for no one else, for yourself.

Classic to contemporary,

One place to another,




I see it.

My truth.

You see it,



Memory’s weed,

Choking lungs, casting a smokescreen



From remembering



No, not the NFL draft,
Looking for opportunities,
Something to try,
To do,
To show,
Scanning the maps,
Looking at the times,
Accepting some challenges,
As suggested by the Canadian tri guy.
Can’t wait.

Truth is we can’t quit,
Can’t be stupid, either,
But gusto isn’t built watching others,
That’s the way I see it,
Sometimes imagining
What two runners in my hood see
As they run day after day
Both new to the pursuit
Both keeping everything in sight
Their pace, their commitment, their goals.

I want their vision,
Clear, sharp, unrestricted
Finding the dime on the floor,
See possibility in all of this madness
So it’s off to the races,
These little segments that others have blazed
That I’ll test myself against
Just to see what I can do
If I keep getting at it.

There on the front step,
I was standing in the night,
Chilled by an April wind
Warning of frost and waiting,
Waiting for my dog
To go through his nightly routine
Of stretching, scratching, and being begged
To hurry up and get a quick pee
So we could all settle down for the night.
I needed him to hurry,
Lest someone see me brushing my teeth,
Right there next to the driveway we share
With the kidless couple next door,
Their two hybrid cars squeezed together
Filling their half of the driveway
And making me wonder as I waited for E
How they got into their house,
Or better yet, did they ever come out?
Finally, E made it to a bush,
I was foaming at the mouth,
There weren’t any planes in the sky,
A rarity, not seen since 9/11.
With his business done,
I was able to go inside and spit,
An occurrence not acceptable outside anymore,
What will tobacco chewers do?
How about the sunflower seed lovers?
The guy we run with?…
Maybe tomorrow I’ll scratch with my dog
Before my brushing.

Number three, two years into high school
Sharing the couch with number five,
A loving pit bull who’s curled into a tight ball.

Outside, the golden hour has arrived,
A bright sun, the emerging green bathing in its warmth,
For the first time today, a blue sky.

Yet, the open air still preaches caution,
Unseen germs lurking in every breath,
Every cough, every sneeze.

Accurate accusations are exactly on point,
My family and friends have me down
Calling me repetitive, a repeater, or laughing
When I use my only superpower
Which is to bring something back in a conversation
Long after it was said.

I love the familiar,
The obvious,
Especially, when it’s used in obscure ways
To make a point,
To get a laugh,
If for no one else, at least I know where it’s going

“Everything’s Right,” that’s how it all started
Phish filling up my car with the song of the last week,
I can’t get enough of it
Everywhere I go I’ve got this playing
On repeat, because that’s who I am,

The seat in my car was heating,
Outside the wind was blowing across a soccer field,
Dew covered the ground and
I wasn’t sure I was up to running,
The doubt and the lack of interest was pushing back
Against my musically inspired changing motivation.

Eventually, as is the case with Phish, the song ended,
I laced up the trail shoes and headed out,
Socks soaked in a second, lungs complaining right away,
“Everything’s right…” swimming all over my brain,
Reaching down to my heart,
Putting a spark in my soul.

The thing is I don’t know the words to the song,
And I don’t run normally run with music,
So on the headphone free ten-miler,
I was stuck singing on repeat,
Over and over again,
“Everything’s right.”

It was awesome,
Around the pond all those times,
Stopping at the batting cage, Nancy’s stop,
Running across the Y-parking lot with a finger twitch
Around the pubs and back.
It was right.

Getting into that zone,
Where the singularity occurs between the breathing,
The form, the voices in the head,
That melding of it all makes whatever
Oh, so satisfying
And this run was that.

After sitting for a few minutes out back in my car
I went Mr. Rogers, changing my shirt and shoes
Before starting for home.
I was still singing those two words, the sun, the sky, and endorphins
Were still right, but as the song came on, the Phish refrain was changed,