I’m snoring
Dreaming in dog-o-phonic
The sounds of yelps
Cries for help
That are the nightmare
For so many of me
Dogs, cats, elephants
How about we all simmer down,
Take a nap, and
Stick our tongues out
At the ills of the world

The walk
An adventure
With four kids in tow
And one dog
In tow mode
His nose running over the ground
Like an assembly line belt
Of vacuum cleaners
Drawing in every scent
From every dog
That left its smell behind
The kids each full of their own energy
Individuals wanting individual attention
Using their tricks
To trump the others
So I would give them the due they deserved
My arm yanked the leash
Keeping the sniffing canine
Moving along
My brain juggled four conversations
Keeping order within the flock
And now
Back at home
Showered and listening
To Jackson Browne
I think it’s time for me
To coze up with this sleeping pup
And take a nap

The creative juices are just not there
Only inspired by the ways of my cat
Who has the right idea
Totally conked out
Head down
Breathing so smoothly
So deeply
So soundly

I’m trading this keypad
For a couch, fan, and pillow
And get my feline
Slumber going
Right here on the couch
With some peaceful Keb playing
Background to muffle
Whatever snore I can muster