Alfie Pearce (Mushroom Grower, Music Friends of Sports Parent)

Things are getting tougher,
I can’t find workers for business.

Trump and all…

So I’ve got bigger problems
Than whether Watts and that bunch

Get their way.

I want music and sports in school.
I want to start growing marijuana,

Mushrooms are running their course.

Bryan Dawson (Emily’s Husband, Mushroom Grower)

The family business paid for my college
I’m no shit kicker,
I know how this stuff really works.

We’re doing well,
Mushrooms are always wanted,
But I’m starting to wonder if we should switch crops

There’d be more money for the schools,
Maybe we could put up new bleachers,
Pay for some cool uniforms

Then some of those migrant students,
Not the ones whose parents work for me,
But the ones going off to Delaware would stay in Taylorville.

All rights reserved-Chris Hancock
All rights reserved-Chris Hancock

A rimless wonder,
Peeling paint
Telling the age of the garage
Just as the rings on a tree
Tally the years of majestic sentinels
Standing in the depths of a forest.
Games once rocked the concrete hardwoods
With pickers taking a break
From the pain of gathering mushrooms
In the dark, dank houses
Behind this once upon a time basketball court

The drive

Over roads that wind

Through the beautiful land

Around my town show

An occasional family of deer

Grazing in the open spaces

And I imagine birds chirping

The most beautiful songs


I round a bend

Getting to the top of the hill

And get punched in the face

By a George Foreman haymaker

Of a smell

Fired from the bowels

Of a mushroom house

The steam rises unable to touch the blue skies

But more than capable of making me gag

And I am stuck in the dilemma

That is loving where I work

And live

Except for the organic smog that

Fumigates this part of my drive

In a few days

The nasal cavities will be clear

Free of the odoriferous stench

That is mushroom soil

And the drive will be

Beautiful again.