Thank you to everyone who stopped by this my this year. The bulk of the posts went to a group of unhappy characters in the fictional town of Taylorville as I attempted to complete a challenge from my daughter to write a verse novel with one post each day. I ended up with 365-poems, but I didn’t follow her rules all of the time. I’m betting she didn’t follow all of my rules through the years either…

I also published a verse novel called, “Mothers Forever.” The process of self-publishing a book was exciting and frustrating. You can find the book at all of the online retailers, so buy a copy for yourself, buy a copy for your family members, and buy lots of copies for your friends… So ends the shameless plug…

There were more visitors to the blog than ever before. Hopefully, the posts were entertaining. Again, thank you for stopping by.


The new year will be another “themed” year. I’ve been interested in revisiting some of the research skills from my dissertation days and doing a “study.” I’ve given myself informed consent and will be exploring my relationship with apathy, goal commitment, and self-efficacy while setting out to run a couple of marathons and lose a few stubborn pounds. The blog posts will include the normal fare of poetry and photography, but I am also going to write a few non-fiction articles and share the results of my “study” as the year progresses. If all goes to plan, the creative side will enhance the “life hack” side and the year will be a success.

Then again, maybe I shouldn’t have any expectations. They are so limiting.

As always, please comment as you see fit and have a great year!

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The following poem is included in the book Mothers Forever, a verse novel telling the life stories of three women brought together by duty, service, and the roles mothers play in helping each other cope with difficult situations.

The book is available online through Amazon: Mothers ForeverBarnes and Noble: Mothers ForeverBookBaby: Mothers Forever, and iBooks.

I hope that you enjoy the book.

Thank you,


1887 Martha


The little village of Hamorton
Was ready when Martha Harrison was born,

Ready to share its lessons of the past
To this granddaughter of a former slave.

Her sense of action would be strong.
She would never stray from that value.

People were waiting for Martha to be born
So what history started could be continued.

A life of action would be her legacy
Just as her family had taught her.

Martha’s birth started something
Worthy of this little village, Hamorton.

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I’m very excited that my first book of poetry is about to be published. Links to pre-sales are available for Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I hope that you’ll click on the links to learn more about the book. Stay tuned…

Mothers Forever via Barnes and Noble

Mothers Forever via Amazon

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 11.54.32 AM

My first book of poetry will be coming out in the next several weeks. Mothers Forever is a verse novel telling the life stories of three women who are brought together by circumstances all too familiar throughout history.

The book will be available electronically, in print, and as print-on-demand. As soon as everything is finalized, I’ll post links to the retailers.