Morning Mourning

Dark skies covering
An ego sheltered in shame
While searching for hope

SIC: The Return

Obstructed views, trees
Parsed sunlight trickling
Suburban living

SIC 15 Haiku

Each end starts a new
Night is over, day begins
Journeys are this way

Sunny and 66-Degrees

This morning was a perfect wake up. Nobody else was out of bed and it was perfectly quiet. After gusting winds over the last two days, there was barely a breeze and the ocean looked to be perfectly still. Gradually, the sounds of life began, first as a simple conversation with my wife, then with the pounding rubber of joggers out for a run and the whir of bike tires as Schwinn’s sped by. Before long a surveyor’s measuring tape was plotting a lot for new construction. The day had started. The quiet was gone. So it is with people.

SIC 11 Haiku

Absolute stillness
Morning sun wakes quietly
A new day begins

SIC 10 Haiku

morning sun streaming
paws drawn in relaxation
such is island life

SIC 8 Haiku

Bayside clouds moving
A respite to morning’s will
Are board games a thing

When We Stood Together


When We Stood Together
All rights reserved-Chris Hancock