Where do these people hide
The ones who take advantage,
The ones who prey on others,
The ones who live in the shadows of morality.

How do they manage
Rising to power,
Rising in celebrity circles,
Rising to the top of political parties.

I know how they hide and manage
We allow them with our gullibility,
We allow them with our partisanship,
We allow them with our fear.

When do we stop hiding and start
Making our votes more than me versus you,
Making our virtuous ways equal to that we profess to expect,
Making humanity mean something again.

Sometimes I wonder what Jesus would think
Of things like a church congregation
In Danville, Va censuring it’s minister
For preaching that desegregation and integration
Were good things.

Sometimes I wonder what Jesus would think
Of Sunday sermons where the church congregation
Heard of the devils wandering the Earth
Labeled evils spirits
Because of the color of their fair skin.

Neither white nor black can claim moral cleanliness
Where matters of bias are concerned,
But it sure would be nice if people
Would heed the lessons of their scripture
And do as Jesus would have them do.

Revelation 2:2  I know your works, your toil and your patient endurance, and how you cannot bear with those who are evil, but have tested those who call themselves apostles and are not, and found them to be false.


The kids were struggling,
Late 60s in the Bronx was rough.
Poverty, turf wars, a failing city, heroin,
Each something to steal youth from the young, so the kids
Stole, they rumbled, they vandalized, they shot up, and
Then they got caught.

The system called them malcontents,
Foresaw their futures as career criminals,
And using the force of the justice system
Called on these young men who lived in one failed system
To choose between two failing options
Provided by a system theoretically based on fairness.

Before the bench,
With officers of the court
Sworn to the protection of all within the confines of the law,
These young me were given the choice;
Jail or Vietnam.
Was there a rationale in this rehabilitation
Or was this just a flip of the correctional coin?

Should they have put them out there to kill,
So what if they get killed in the process, right?
Perhaps they should have been put in programs
That gave them the skills to survive the Bronx in those hardest of times.
Maybe the powerful sect in the five boroughs should have been better to their people.
Maybe America should have dropped dollars on opportunities at home,
Instead of bombs on the homes of Southeast Asia.

Just saying…

{Courtesy of the NYT: 6/7/16}

Solely a matter for his moral code
Rings true for all men
Especially when he finds himself at the crossroads

The test is truth lived as bestowed
By the honor displayed again and again
Solely as a matter of his moral code

His actions cannot erode
Lest he is left without spiritual wins
Especially when he finds himself at the crossroads

Strength of convictions are a heavy load
Virtues not being annoying little wens
Solely a matter of his moral code

An absence of creed may lighten the load
But that is evil slyly bringing a grin
Especially when he finds himself at the crossroads

Better to know oneself in each episode
With faith written clearly in a dove’s pen
Scribbled solely for the matters of his moral code
Especially when he finds himself at the crossroads

Photo Credit: stock.tookapic.com

That which seems so clear
May only be a mask
Hiding our blind spots.

Dr. Bach claimed the greatest
Of our mighty nation,
Except of course for the materialism.

He opined about the need
For teachers to be leaders
As weakness infiltrated our ethos.

“Technology and materialism,”
He said from his pulpit,
“Have outstripped our moral endurance.”

Turns out the learned man, Bach
Was living life as a professor
Out in the open spaces of Iowa.

His life was devoted to the understanding
Of religion and faith.
Did he think computers the Tower of Babble?

Was he worried of nuclear bombs,
Or radicalism in other faiths?
Maybe he just didn’t see past his manifest.

That which seems so clear
May only be a mask
Hiding our blind spots.