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With the end in sight
Beginnings start to fade in
Seeing both is key
It is vision’s clarity
Keeping everything fresh.

Cracking an almond between strong teeth
Brought out the best flavor,
Smokey, full, robust…
I love a trail mix desert at lunch,
Almonds, pecans, some seeds, and the sweetest raisins,
They are damn good, bringing a lightness to balance the almonds’ heft.
With just the right amount of coaxing from my tongue,
My cheeks and gums will give up one last bite.


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A good cleaning helps
Mental clutter gums things up
Get rid of the noise
Purging matters for free thought
Bring a broom, sweep with gusto

There are too many things to think about
There are too many ways I dream to be

-Michael Bruner, Cartoons Are My Life

The space between breaths
Where focus should concentrate
Moments to relax

“Buried to a point of absurdity in my work.” Jimmy Iovine

Head scratching,
Other scratchings,
Either serving to clear the mind.

The days are long,
The nights barely as long,
Either serving to cloud the mind.

Balance, being hard to find,
Takes a bit of getting used to,
An effort difficult to mind.

“How are you complicit in creating the conditions you don’t want?” Jerry Colonna

Bound by foundations
Under a guise of comfort
Paralyzed not still