Cracking an almond between strong teeth
Brought out the best flavor,
Smokey, full, robust…
I love a trail mix desert at lunch,
Almonds, pecans, some seeds, and the sweetest raisins,
They are damn good, bringing a lightness to balance the almonds’ heft.
With just the right amount of coaxing from my tongue,
My cheeks and gums will give up one last bite.


So hungry,
Housing last night’s dinner
For today’s afternoon snack.

Sometimes it just hasta be that way.

The pangs just came on
After listening the the condiment king
And the gluten free gladiator talk about food.

I just hadta destroy this bowl of pasta.

A nap will come soon
Inspired by the same sounds
That made my gluttony so obscene.

I wonder what tomorrow holds.

Jurisprudence has its perks
When do I ever get to relax
With a nice long lunch at work
I’m judging this cheese steak
Will be banging
If for no other reason
Than I have time to enjoy it
Away from the race
On this glorious day

All rights reserved-Chris Hancock

So my wife comes home

Raving about the caterer

Who makes delicious lunches

At her office

I can only think

About the ridiculousness

Of teenagers who know everything

Then she goes into detail 

About the egg sandwiches

With peppers and sausages

And I can only think

About being sandwiched

Between an adolescent peppering and

The angst of being on a team with no friends

Then she starts to tease my salivary glands

With talk of perfectly seasoned potato wedges

While I feel about half baked

From the oven that is entitlement

New day tomorrow…

What’s cooking?

There we sat
A group of five
Two tag teams and
The ring girl
All teachers
Four smart enough for PE
One crazy enough to teach math

The conversation ranged far and ridiculously
Before all seriousness entered
With thoughts of turnbuckles
Paul Orndorph was the first
The Nature Boy got his “Whooooo!”
The four of us
Somehow the math teacher was one
Hooted out the names
Mimicked the moves
And laughed with gusto
At the wrasssslllers of the past

The ring girl, how’d she become a gym teacher
Left in her ignorance
While us four guys
Kicked out of one fall after another
Only to be pinned by a move
We were unable to beat
The bell
Sounding the end of lunch

Surrounded by desks and dodge balls, they circle up and talk the lunch away. Sometimes debating the malaise of students, other times living Seinfeldian limbo acting the parts of their own nothingness. Each day brings freshness to the adults saving what could have been a day deterred by too much time with teenagers, so it is not hard to imagine how they end their meals with locker room humor or the latest story from ridiculousness present. Their opinions could save the planet, end world hunger, or at least make forty two-ish minutes feel like a real lunch hour. See ya’ tomorrow.