A magnet,
My dog has the powers of attraction.
I watch from my pandemic perch at the dining room table
As my family walks into the room,
Each one drawn to the couch
By E’s tractor beam.
To his credit, he lets us in,
Scratching his chest,
Patting his ribs,
Talking the gibberish we all do,
And he always gives the obligatory kiss.

People could learn a lot from dogs.

A photo by Thomas Curryer. unsplash.com/photos/Zss1s9df5AQ

A song came on the other day
Making me think of you.
The music was slow
And I could feel you close,
Your curves, your hair,
How warm you are.
The rhythm swayed
As we did so long ago
In the darkness of uncertainty.

So many years later
Just the first few bars of this song
Brought a smile to my face and
A feeling that you were right there
Making things right
With all that you are.
The beat goes on
Today as it did then,
Only now, with a lightness of permanence.


Photo Credit: Pexels.com

Debbie loved Dallas,
He was her husband of ten years,
But lately she was feeling a strain
Knowing he was out
Loving the rest of town.

She stayed at home
Accepting her homemaking role
Because it was what he wanted,
The hot meals, the clean dishes,
The stuff he expected.

She toiled in the kitchen,
Dishpan hands,
Feelings of regret.
She wanted to be appreciated,
As she once had been.

Christmas came and Dallas went all out
Bringing his lovely wife
A finely wrapped box
With a beautiful red bow
From Lord & Taylor.

Debbie felt an excitement
Rising within her, something she feared was long lost.
He did love her.
She was on his mind.
He was coming back to her.

She tore through the paper
Hoping for jewelry,
Hoping for beautiful clothes.
What she got
Was totally unexpected.

“They’re fine Irish linen towels,” said Dallas, “super absorbent.”

She thanked him and poured him a drink.
He rushed through one
Then two, three, and four.
She let him get wasted
And stood by his side as he passed out.

Debbie was done.
So she did Dallas by lighting a fire
In the heart of their home.
The Christmas tree went up in flames
Along with Dallas and the fine Irish linen towels.

Someday the bear was destined
To be found it mint condition
By a couple of fair minded pickers
Who would approach retail prices
For a stuffed toy
In its pristine state.

Of course that fantasy
Was brewing before
Einstein, my beloved pit
Incorporated the plush money maker
Into his saliva fueled world
Of wrassle mania.

He’s funny to watch with this big bear.
He carries it around
More like a friend than a threat
And barely gnaws on the ears.
He saves the real chomping
For his well-worn bone
That has a couple of months
Chewing on it.

I’m pretty sure my dog
Could rip this teddy bear apart
In seconds, but he’s not that way.
He just wants to love,
To be loved.

Kind of like us all, huh?

An uneasiness today
With full blown withdrawal
Because the reaper has cast
Such a pall on this day for me
I miss my family
The dead and the living
Even though
We are all together
In some way
Mostly in memories
So the feast is on my mind where
I’m going to grub
On my wife’s most excellent meal
Thankful for her stand up ways
And patience with my lack of affect
Really just thankful for
Her. Every bit.
I don’t know how she does it
Bringing those joyous feelings to me,
The ones masked by stoicism or ambivalence
Both traitors to my feelings,
But she does.
I just know
I would be lost without her
And hungry too
For I probably wouldn’t
Without her guidance
Bring on the bird
Maybe a little conversation too
Most of all just the