Done, I know, it’s never over,
But have we deemed the virtual world
To be the exposer of human futility?

What I mean is that the faceless leaders,
Now forced to show themselves
Are coming up small.

Their words, carefully manipulated,
Present a most manicured view of their charge,
Only those who know see the facade.

Meetings show how little really gets done,
The way they shake the shells
Hiding their inadequacy at doing what must get done.

Now there are faces to go with the memos,
Faces to place blame for the poor communication,
Reality in the virtual round.

Done, I know, it’s never over,
But we must all look closely at our leaders,
To stay ambivalent is to accept their futile ways.

Here’s a list,
Call the parents,
Read the script.

If they dont speak English?
Make an appointment with the translator.
Read the script and she’ll translate.

(Why cant she just make the calls without me reading the script?)

It wouldn’t be fair for her to make all the calls.
She’s our only translator.

(You do know she’ll be on all the calls anyway.)

Uh, hipaa, ferpa, uh…


They tell you to just rip off a Band-Aid.
Maybe that’s why I’ve never used them,
I’m not interested in ripping off my air hair
Or a nipple if I’m trying to prevent chaffing.
Did that once, only it was first aid tape
Because the Band-Aid wouldn’t stick
Might have been the worst shower I ever had,

So why can we rip off the people clinging to leadership positions,
Look, I get it, it’s hard making decisions,
But the worst leaders are the ones who pass the buck,
Distributed leadership, decentralized leadership, two terms
That mean, “I’m getting paid a lot to make it look like I doing,”
Doing what? Making an effing decision.
I can’t believe what I’m thinking.

I’ll never vote for the guy or anyone supporting him,
But is the orange one actually a decision maker?
Again, I’ve hated his whole term, think him to be unworthy of his office,
But man, he isn’t afraid.
At least so it seems.
Too bad he’s such a douche bag, super spreader, and separator of families,
I guess he stands for what he stands for.

No, I don’t respect him as a leader,
I’m still looking for one.
I know plenty of managers, a few who revel in the title educational leader,
And a couple who are proud to bully the local booster club,
But I don’t know anyone of power who leads,
No one I would want to storm the beaches with,
Oh well.

On a day when I started listening to Jocko’s book
After having dipped back into Seal training with Goggins,
A couple of hours removed from a run or swim
Or whatever it was that I did through that thick tropical air,
I got to sit down for an online training.

To honor what I heard from Jocko,
“I’m owning the venom I’m about to spew.”
It’s mine, all mine, not because of someone else,
Me. I don’t think Goggins meant anything like this when he said,
“Do something that sucks every day.”

There is no place for hypocrisy in leadership,
Starting with the end in mind suggests a direction, purpose
It is not an excuse to dump a bunch of cookbook ideas on a faculty.
Leaders should practice what the preach,
Proofread, and be proficient at using technology for instruction.

They should know what it feels like to be on the learning side,
They should suffer, listen, and get out of the way
Because the trenches are where we are right now,
Their plans are full of gaps, weak on meaning, and
Inappropriate for the needs of their teachers.

Not to mention, they quoted a douche of the highest magnitude,
Someone more suited to work with the orange one or the doctor in NJ.
I don’t understand leadership. I’ve known so few,
The best never having legitamate authority. Unfortunately, those
Who do are puppet managers, they are puppets who manage.

They don’t communicate.
They don’t respect divergent thinking.
They follow predictible, safe, fraidy cat decision making
And it shows when they come out of their litter boxes,
When they design bull do-do trainings.

Others may have benefitted from this learning experience,
I lost my commitment after the opening quote,
Only to drift into Jocko land,
The Goggins-sphere,
And dreams of running in the 99% humidity.

One place open and transparent,
The other shrouded in secrecy,
Both pretty much about the same stuff,
One getting kudos,
The other, well, that’s too bad.

How in these times,
When the books have all been written,
Can management be so poor,
So unsure,
Borderline demur?

At least my stepson is back work,
His first day in eight weeks,
He got a quick training on new procedures,
Then a bit of a surprise,
Eight checks, they paid their staff all the way through.

At sixteen, he understands the loyalty,
The sacrifice it took to make that happen.
He’s learning so much more than those working
In the lock and key business
Where only Eric Arthur might be able to say.

No lightness can illuminate this mystery,
How professionals can bumble along to gracelessly,
Never communicating clearly,
Always over explaining, and and of late,
Disappearing from sight.

Better to open,
Larger, more confident dogs know,
This guardians of cowardice only need to look to the east,
Gain an example from their neighbors and
Get with the business of leading.

When Watergate hit
I was in kindergarten
More interested in going outside
Than sitting and listening
To the hearings on television.

Somehow, interest stuck
And I grew up wanting to know more.
I would read and watch reports
Coming to the conclusion
That a very smart man acted stupidly.

When Iran-Contra hit
I was in college
More interested in staying inside
Than sitting and listening
To the hearings on television.

Somehow, interest never stuck
And I grew up only feeling jaded about Ollie.
I barely paid attention, never reading with depth
Yet, I came to the conclusion
That the actor must have forgotten his lines.

There was Desert Storm,
Monica-gate, 9/11, and Desert Storm 2.
Each weighed heavily on my mind
For all involved tragedy and
The intricacies of governance.

All said something
About politics, international relations, and life or death consequences.
Now there is another scandal,
Daily, weekly, interminably
And like the post-Watergate kid, I can’t get enough.

Through each of the other events,
I never felt helpless…I always felt like America would rally.
This guy has me cringing before checking the news.
He must be the greatest salesmen ever for
The gerrymandered electorate put him in office.

Now I’m waiting for Congress to step up.
Yet, I fear most of ‘dem-rep peeps grew up watching The Price Is Right
And had themselves spayed or neutered
For none of them have the balls
To be the check that restores balance to our country.

Hopefully, this ends safely.
Maybe dolts grow up and into the responsibility of their duties,
Highly unlikely in this case,
Just as it was back in the 70s
When the White House was vacated.