More important than talent?

More valuable than being right?

A super usuable skill for leaders?


You guys need to hurry up,

Make some decisions,

Show why we elected you,

Demonstrate some moxy,


Dr. Oscar, not of the local Oscars
Or that gold statue organization in Hollywood,
But his idea for psychiatry
Was so appropriate for today.

Dr. Oscar Schmalzbach had the temerity to suggest
That those holding high positions,
World leaders, the heads of government
Should be tested for of all things, their mental health.

After all, they could endanger world peace
If they were prone to having bad days
And got a little shaky
Or impatient.

The good doctor with better ideas
Knew what he was talking
I wonder what he would have said
About those running for office today.

Who shall be in charge
Of people wanting to be free
When values remain at large
Who shall be in charge
Under the barrage of a gun’s discharge
Preventing the building of a great society
Who shall be in charge
Of people wanting to be free