“Comedy is, for the most part, just an obsession with injustice.” Whitney Cummings

Up and down eye glance
Falsely thinking “I’m better.”
Stop all that judging.

“It’s not my job to be the world’s critic.” Jane McGonical

What if the jokes about Polish people are wrong,
That’s not really a question
Since the jokes are wrong on multiple levels,
Which leaves me wondering
If the stupidity resides in the person telling the joke or
Within those who think the jokes are funny.

What if-analysis…

How I wish my mind was not so analytical,
Those neurons hit with the precision of a finely made watch, but
Work about as well as a Saab from back in the 1980s.
The trick of not thinking is as elusive
As the draining of Le Bog
Down in Washington.

What if neither gets fixed?

Stop it…

Being judgmental is easy.
Betrayal seems so simple.

We three stood for nothing of social importance
Only similar in the pale complexion of our skin.

Tokens or talent, I’ll never know
But we we’re part of a team wearing that blue and gold.

First, the shooter walked away
As I remember it, indecision being his game’s fault.

Then, the bruiser took leave
As I remember it, he got yelled at.

I never thought of their example
Being all that important. They walked.

If they didn’t want to be there,
They shouldn’t have been there.

Toughness does not come with color
Toughness comes with attitude.

So does a lack of…

Conversations about
My mental constitution
Which I’d have to say
Is pretty damn normal to me

I have opinions:
Our drug policies are misguided
Our reliance on fad education is unfortunate
Too many people are followers
Not enough are thinkers
And sarcasm is too smart for most

I have a personality:
Preferring to write over party
Keeping a straight face while laughing hard
Be it book, movie, or TV, I don’t care
Today country music is my favorite
But it could just as easily be reggae

I wonder about stuff:
Why people hurt others
Why the Patriots seem to cheat
How come money seems so important
Why CrossFit is so angry or defensive
Can Presidents be successful


That may be
I couldn’t give a horse dropping
Whether people accept my ways or not
I have friends who know me well
And most importantly a family who loves me for me
That’s all I can ask for

Not weird.
Just me,
A dude trying to live
As happily as possible.

Sorry for your interpretation of me…