“Culture is the intersection of people and life itself. It’s how we deal with…”
Wendell Pierce

Narrow-minded joking
Humor misinterpreted
Anger in laughter
Understand jesting’s truth
Comedy is essential

Father: I don’t know. I think it’s a little too jammy for me.

Son: Too jammy? Are you crazy. This is one of the best rock and roll albums of all time.

Father: Yeah, I hear you, but sometimes I don’t want twenty minute songs. Besides, the kind of blend together.

Son: You don’t concentrate. Duane Allman’s playing is ridiculous. Plus it’s live.

Father: I’ll give you Duane is great, but this isn’t even the best Filmore album.

Son: Name one that’s better.

Father: Derek and the Dominoes.

Son: Are you kidding? It borders on pop music. You could listen to the radio and hear those songs.

Father: What’s wrong with that? They jacked the songs up a little, but left you wanting more.

Son: Statesboro Blues is the greatest.

Father: Presence of the Lord…

Son: I don’t know, both are great. The Allman Brothers’ is just such an historical album.

Father: Yadda, yadda, yadda…

Son: Too jammy?… Next thing, you’ll be telling me that these aren’t even the best live albums.

Father: Well, 24-Nights does beat them both. And the one with Clapton and Steve Winwood is really good.

Son: Stop! You’re killing me.

Father: Some of those Jimmy Buffett live albums are good too.

Son: I’m done. You’ve officially lost your mind. Buffett will never be better than the Allman Brothers.

Father: And you’ll probably never realize that I’m pulling your chain.

Son: Seriously?

Father: Everything except the Allman Brothers being too jammy and which Filmore album is better.

Son: So you do think the Allman Brothers are better. I knew it.

Father: Nope. Miles Davis.

Son: Oh, boy…

Two cats,
One dog,
Two growing up loud kids
And a basement full of stuff

A big space
Potentially the quiet dome
A bottle of margaritas
And it’s move time

Six years in the making
The tequila breaking preconceived notions
The moving of stuff
Making sentimentality unimportant

The cave will get done
Spartan style befitting the man moving it all
A long table for writing
Music at arm’s length

“What, babe?”

Really? Over there? Okay.”

It’s going to take
Another margarita
Since opportunity has reached out
To my Mrs.