Family focus?
Liar, liar, tongue on fire
Put up and shut up
Conjoin your money and mouth
Put families up here.






Photo Credit: By Martin Dürrschnabel, de:Benutzer:Martin-D1, user:Martin-D [CC BY-SA 2.5 (, from Wikimedia Commons


Word was out
The winds of change were blowing
How could such short sightedness
Be happening in a government
Striving for absolute transparency

Singleton had many dealings
Some he reported, others he did not
The one he didn’t
Probably would have blown away
Had he not conflicted himself with advocacy

Word got out
Of the high level interest conflicts
And a great gust blew Singleton
Right out of office
With only a terse letter of resignation

The thing about these guys
Is the corruption of their souls
Where the deal or office
Scatters their values
Like trash on a windy day

They lose themselves in power
Addicts of a different sort
Bereft of humility’s touch
Or senses of integrity.
Thus, comes those not so gentle breezes of change.


Photo Credit: (Public Domain)

Loud advocacy makes me weary
Especially when it rails against
The strengths of our younger generation.

They know this technology.
They know cut and paste.
Did they know…

Their parents might have
Head answers to a quiz beforehand?
Maybe even their teachers, too?

Who has not copied?
Who has not sneaked a peak?
Who has not slipped with academic integrity?

Maybe the loudest, I suspect.
Incarceration and banishment don’t work.
Maybe a quieter approach is better.

The honesty gene is an elusive recluse
For some
That live in cocoons of
Or plain old deceit
How do these serpents
Live with themselves
Slithering over
And good old decency
In an effort
To keep mud on everyone else

The faults we all carry
Deserve to be owned by us

My pockets are barely deep enough
For mine
But they are mine
Worn boldly
With full accountability
On my part
Unfettered by
Chicken confidence
Poultry like confidants
(Both which sound like clucking to me)