Running a loud mouth
Brings stupidity trouble
Freeing time slots by
Walking the humorless hate
From society’s pallet

Note: The ideas in this song seem as relevant today as they did in 1983…

“Poetic facts lay their claims on us.” Jason Silva

Hatred lays waste to goodness.
It works its evil destruction through fear,
The threat of violence
Being the blade that cuts hearts united.

Goodness denies the demonic ways of hate.
Good works its magic with faith,
The belief of equality and the strength of something higher
Being the antidote to hate.

On a walk

Being soothed by warm afternoon sun

And hanging with my dog

I had those peaceful feelings

That come with the end of Winter

Nearly Spring days

No amount of goose poop

Or mushroom stench 

Could ruin the golden hour

In the park


Goose stepping down the hill

With his pants tucked in boots

And a long black duster

With his closely shaven head

And wicked flag of hate and intimidation

Came a misfit walking by us

He forced a cold stare into the nothingness before him

Something like boxers just after a weigh in

Trying to instill uncertainty in those 

Unfortunate enough to be near this wanker

I stared back

Unsure of how to react

Look away, showing fear

Look right at him, provoking a response

We made eye contact

Neither looking away

And he kept walking

I hope a little scared

I left, not really sure if

I handled the situation smartly and

Bothered that people can express such hate

So as soon as the good weather returns

I’m planning to go back to that park

Unwilling to surrender such a beautiful area

To humanity’s ugliness