How do all these guys
Stick with beards that are like Brillo pads
But maintain no hair on their heads
And shave the nubs that are there
Down to the scalp.

It’s the incongruence that is intriguing,
A ton of facial hair,
Nothing on top.
Mind you, I don’t care,
I’m just curious of the genetics that are at play.

How could life’s blueprint say,
“No hair here, a bramble bush there,”
It’s nonsensical to me,
But before I’m branded a “hairist,” my hair is white as a ghost,
Which is different than most and has many people asking if I dye it.

Of course not, although, I’ve thought about it,
It’s just hair, though,
Me thinks I think too much about the strands,
The locks of some, the threads of others,
The shallowness of vanity.

High stay the first threads
Of gray that would populate my head
I never thought about them with dread
All though I wondered if I could grow some natty ones

What started blond
Went the way of brown
Then gray.
Now it’s almost white as a ghost.

Not really, ghosts aren’t there,
But my hair is and it’s
More confusing than traffic in London
With all the directions it wants to go.

It’s had many styles,
Mom’s bowl cut,
The 1970s and 80s down the middle part,
Shaved, long, moussed, and gelled.

It’s a bit of a trademark
For everywhere I go
People want to comment on the craziness
Resting on top of my head.

“Is it real?”
“It makes you look like…”
“Do you color it?”
“Why don’t you color it?”

I don’t want to.

It’s a bit of a caricature
For every so often I dramatically change it up
Greased down Pat Riley, spiked up Billy Idol,
Shaved down Gomer Pyle

Because I can.
Younger me would have said to “eff” with people
But I’m too mature to say that anymore.

This summer was the one of cauliflower,
No gel and a visor
Bunches of white sticking straight up
Like something in the grocery store

Few knew what to do
Except comment on what grew up there
I didn’t know what to do
Except wonder why people have so much interest

Interest in how other people “should” look
Interest in telling other people how they “should” look
Interest in masking hurtful comments in praise
Interest in stuff so insignificant

Don’t get me wrong I’ve been blessed
With good hair genes
But believe that it also is a curse
For my hair has many minds of its own

Cowlicks here, cowlicks there
Elmer’s best will barely keep it tight
Any sweat triggers a spring like effect
That sets the follicles free

So I guess
That when you see the manic mane
Just let it be, it cannot handle being talked about
In fact, just let the comments rest where everyone is concerned