Red Light Haiku

Sitting still with time
Hot air builds a stale presence
Moving changes things

Perspectives: 115/365

Amy Thomson (Yoga Studio Owner, Eight Bars)

Good keeps good going
Disagreeing goes on too
Bad programs get cut

Perspectives: 96/365

Janelle Gibson (Taylorville Athletic Director)

No sports, not working,
I can’t let this happen here
This is what I do

Perspectives: 66/365

Robert Woods (A Local Dude)

Forget battling,
Remember community,
Ah, a golden rule.

Perspectives: 48/365

The Haiku Anti-Heroines

Ruby Brown (Coffee House Owner)

My business rocks
We serve hundreds daily
Live music plays, too

Inez Taylor (Realtor)

Homes don’t sell themselves
I hustle for my clients
Success sounds so sweet

Olivia Holmes (Gynecologist)

Each day I go there
Providing women with care,
They need compassion

Amelia Pearce (Stay at Home Mom/PTO President)

We demand so much
How are teachers surviving
It’s all take, take, take

Perspectives: 42/365

Sly, angry adults
A mess of worrisome angst
Drowning a high school

Perspectives: 35/365

Riley Parsons (Local Reporter)

Different parents
Share different perspectives
All seem to be sure

Perspectives: 13/365

The Haiku Heroines

Grace Watts

He really said that
Can you believe my husband,
That’s how my life is.

Amy Thomson

Seat belts and sunscreen
Protection for all our kids,
That’s how my life is.

Emily Dawson

Eight hours working
Go home for my second shift,
That’s how my life is.

Angela Dean

I get bored sometimes
But I would rather not work,
That’s how my life is.

Chach’s Bday

Hanging with my kids
Waiting for Charlie Hunter
Sweet sounds all around