I’ve been doing the assignments that I give my students. This assignment was to make connections through Haiku between communication, the nervous system, marijuana, and a Ted Talk by Aimee Mullins.

Hopefully, I get a good grade. I’ll

Some people know stuff
Everything speaks in its way
Mullins understands

Central is the issue
Where attitudes are concerned
Weeds get in the way

Social acceptance
Not something legislated
A challenge of spoken words

Legs not there live free
For hope is an attitude
Walk with confidence

Smoke signals puff pure
True messages uncertain
Drug gospel shady

Needing a Win

Moral victories
Poor substitutions for wins
I’m sick of losing

X-Fit Mentality Haiku


Digging into the depths
Doubting with each new level
Such a great feeling


Photo Credit: By Senior Airman Dennis Sloan, Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

The Seventeenth Haiku

So much rain falling
No break from humidity
Winter might come soon