Note: This is a bit of a political rant… Just saying…agree or don’t, but be nice.

How great is that the President of the United States is planning his defense for potential charges that go against everything America stands for and then disinvites a championship team that is named after a national symbol, E-A-G-L-E-S because they believe in a person’s right to protest?

It’s not great at all, but that is the way of things in our country today. The Philadelphia Eagles, who won the Super Bowl, will not be attending the White House as has been the tradition for championship teams for some time now. The reason was that too few of the team members were going to show up, so Trump bailed. It’s great that the team, by standing up for what it believed and backing it up with several players planning to do charity work in DC rather than bow to the minister of deceit, have shown that we must stick up for what is right within ourselves. Further, the country is not about Republican, Democrat, or Trump, it’s about our laws and beliefs that we have certain inalienable rights, one being freedom of speech.

The President has shown again that he doesn’t believe in that right unless it’s about him.

Funny, I started writing this while listening to a suggestion by a fellow blogger that Some Girls by the Rolling Stones is a great album to listen to start to finish. Having never done it, I put my headphones on and started pounding away on the keys wondering if I stepped over some proper boundary in expressing my opinion about the idiocy that is happening in the ever-deepening swamp in my nation’s capital. Have I gone all rock and roll on this thing and put my invite to the White House in jeopardy? My first book of poetry is coming out soon and I’m sure I’ll get an invite or an offer to do an open mic in the White House. Yeah, right…

Let me say, I hope I haven’t ruined that opportunity if it even was a chance. I’d love to make a profit off the White House, it’s in vogue right now. Additionally, I have a great deal of respect for the office of the President. I know that the job is a no-win servitude, kind of like the Rolling Stones singing “Just My Imagination.” (Some acts should not be covered… All say, “NIXON.”) At least, however, the Stones’ version is acceptable, not an embarrassment, and catchy in that garage band-country crossover Rolling Stones way. 1600’s replay of the early 1970s political games, however, is far from respectful. The President seems to want to erase the slate of Nixon’s malfeasance, by rising to a higher level of whatever may or may not be Constitutionally allowed. And why, who knows, ego?

As it goes, the Eagles are probably better off. They don’t have to put up with ridicule for not being themselves. They don’t have to be associated with Russian diplomats and North Korean emissaries/spies as those two groups have been invited to chat with the Manhattan monarch. The Eagles should just be proud of being American and standing by their values and respecting the tenets of our country.

Hey, Congress…

BTW: Some Girls is worth a start to finish listening…Interesting that I like “Respectable” the best… I also realize that I’m late to the RS party. Unfortunately, in 1978, I was in the throws of a disco detox. Thank goodness for middle school, The Who, and The Eagles (coincidently).

When Watergate hit
I was in kindergarten
More interested in going outside
Than sitting and listening
To the hearings on television.

Somehow, interest stuck
And I grew up wanting to know more.
I would read and watch reports
Coming to the conclusion
That a very smart man acted stupidly.

When Iran-Contra hit
I was in college
More interested in staying inside
Than sitting and listening
To the hearings on television.

Somehow, interest never stuck
And I grew up only feeling jaded about Ollie.
I barely paid attention, never reading with depth
Yet, I came to the conclusion
That the actor must have forgotten his lines.

There was Desert Storm,
Monica-gate, 9/11, and Desert Storm 2.
Each weighed heavily on my mind
For all involved tragedy and
The intricacies of governance.

All said something
About politics, international relations, and life or death consequences.
Now there is another scandal,
Daily, weekly, interminably
And like the post-Watergate kid, I can’t get enough.

Through each of the other events,
I never felt helpless…I always felt like America would rally.
This guy has me cringing before checking the news.
He must be the greatest salesmen ever for
The gerrymandered electorate put him in office.

Now I’m waiting for Congress to step up.
Yet, I fear most of ‘dem-rep peeps grew up watching The Price Is Right
And had themselves spayed or neutered
For none of them have the balls
To be the check that restores balance to our country.

Hopefully, this ends safely.
Maybe dolts grow up and into the responsibility of their duties,
Highly unlikely in this case,
Just as it was back in the 70s
When the White House was vacated.


Not sure how much longer
I can take it…

Facebook, all the Trump stuff
I’m out on it.
I didn’t vote for him.
I don’t like his policies.
The next four years are shaping up
To be one legal battle after the next.

Not sure how much longer
I can take it…

What am I left with?
It seems like everywhere I go
It’s one Trump something
Or something else.
Bad. Gonna be great. Fabulous. Fake.
Supporters, haters,
I’m tired of them all.

It’s on my Twitter, too.
I don’t follow the President,
But an awful lot of the writer types I do follow
Have strong opinions
About the new guy.
I don’t disagree, but
I sure am tired.

Maybe this is a sign from above
That I should scale back my social media outlets.
Is this the time to cut the cord?
Who needs all this fact checking, fake news making,
Fear mongering, and bold faced government lying?
The government is the ultimate reality show,
Replacing sports.

Which I’m not sure I can take anymore either
Since politics is seeping in there too.

Oh well, logging out is becoming more likely.


Photo Credit: socialnsport.com via Google Images

The FX stories of corruption

Infecting business and politics

Present an opportunity

To appreciate the casting couch

Ways of national governance today.

We’ll pay more for everything

And savings in government costs

Will come at the expense of fewer government jobs,

But won’t unemployment go up?

Genius resides somewhere else, not

Within my simple way,

But my belief in the television ghosts

Battling colonial powers

Is easier to believe than the last

Lucky, seven days.

Quotes are taken from “The Fifth Discipline,” by Peter Senge.


“Today’s problems come from yesterday’s solutions…”

Obama was hope
The latest to lead us back
Look what that got us


“The harder you push the harder the system pushes back…”

Sure straw will give in
Right before the camel’s back.
Chaos does both in


“Behavior grows better before it gets worse…”

Keeping makeup on
Presents emperors as nice
He can change quickly


“The easy way out usually leads back in…”

Simple stays simple,
Eyes focused stay bright and clear.
Washington, D.C.?


A friend of mine
Talks of the current changes
In the context of 1984.

I agree, although,
I would take The Great Communicator
Over this current bunch any day.

My literary take
Centers on chaos, fear, and deception
Chronicled in The Shock Doctrine.

The premise being
If everything spins out of control
The government can wield all power.

This current storm sweeping America
Is a powerful wind blowing
Hot air, denial, and zephyrs of discontent.

Who is watching the back door?
Education, climate, and health care
Are all on the “You’re fired,” line.

These discussions of crowd sizes and MLK, Jr’s bust
Are nothing but distractions.
They are hiding the ugly, unreal substance of this new clan.

Don’t look away America.
Make them answer the questions.
This is not a book.


Photo Credit: Wikimedia commons