How many miles left
About three hundred and some
Will my legs survive


Miles keep adding up
Each day chips away some more
Chunks of time are gone


Smiles are the reward
No money, no trophy, only pride
Just doing is enough

You know, those things were told to aspire to.
They’re supposed to help us, right?
I suppose.

Certain goals motivate me,
Other things, eh,
But I’ve been pursuing a new one lately.

This week my challenge is in doubt,
Three days, many miles left for that helpful thing,
The goal.

For us, the weather has been spotty,
Lots of clouds, lots of wind, and
Enough cold to make it easy to ride a treadmill inside.

So today, when the weather got all crazy
With high sun and eighty degrees,
I figured it was a perfect time for two run.

The morning was still cloudy,
Not much to report,
Quickly finished, feeling kind of cocky.

That Mother Nature, though,
She knows when a man is a little too sure
And she can bust him down without even trying.

She was like a siren calling me towards the rocks,
Fast out of my neighborhood, faster down the hill,
Strava says my second fastest up State Street.

I listened to her call, going Gump and just running,
Not far mind you, about four miles out,
Without water and it was very hot and not shady.

I started thinking about hydrating as I ran by a Dunkin,
When I turned around at the light, I thought of asking for a cup,
But with no mask or money, I thought that too ballsy.

As I passed Victory and then Wawa, I took a walk break,
Picking back up a I passed the bookstore
Lest my mates, the owners, see me struggling as I ran by.

The dirt next to the railroad tracks was dry and dusty
Making my mouth feel like I had eaten a tums consistency pixie stick,
I was in survival mode and this was supposed to help, right?

Finally, I got to sections that were more manageable,
The walking breaks vanished and my mind shifted,
Home was beyond the last laughable hill.

I say laughable because I am 77,000th and something
In a running-climbing challenge online,
But this last four-tenths is always hard.

Just think, two more days in the week,
Only nine miles to go…
Then the goal changes.

On this day,
The one after the DOJ went haywire,
The one after I struggled to stay awake,
The one after whatever yesterday day was,
Because in these hectic times,
Who has the dedicated memory space
To know what the eff was going on


On this day,
When I woke to a busting bladder
And the hustle to get back before the alarm went off,
When the crowd at the start line
Was full and loud,
Because it wasn’t raining
And I suppose we were all tired of being cooped up,


It started out slowly,
Then something happened and the group
Got separated.
The conversation died down and I realized
I was alone,
Except for the patter of feet behind me.
Turned out it was the Green Lantern


I want to keep up with that guy so badly,
It’s shallow, I know,
Hell, a man my age should be content golfing,
But I want more,
Faster, longer, harder, whatever,
I’ve never felt more energetic
And this morning it was electric,
But to catch him, I’ll need


As he ran by, he dropped some encouragement,
Of course, I took it as a dis at that moment
And vowed internally to keep him within reaching distance,
Which became as far as I could see within about
Half a mile.
Once out of sight, I pushed ahead, resolved
To another morning of not catching him
Until I turned into the Y-parking lot
And saw him


Man, that felt good,
But in my little race, I was still in second,
It’s doubtful that I will ever catch him,
Although, it’s fun trying,
And the freaking endorphins have been fire all day
As my friends group text the day away,
Thinking I’m not working, but they are texting just as fast



Annuals, fiscal years, resolutions,
I’m done with those,
Sort of,
I’m starting my own calendar year
December 1st to November 31st.

I know, November only has thirty official days,
But this is my calendar, so 11/31 has a square,
I just don’t count it,
It’s there for wiggle room
Should I need an extra day of rest or something.

About this new year, why?
I don’t know, I figure there is no reason to wait
Until I’m 70 or 80 to start claiming
“I’ve earned it,” whenever I do something
Particular to me.

Those ages are too far off
And I reason that if we can have kindergarten graduations
Why not change the calendar up a bit
In a way that suits

Selfish? Okay.
All I’m really doing to taking advantage of the soulful rhythms
I’m feeling.
It’s arbitrary, self-centered, and safe
For I’m not forcing anyone into some pagan sun-worshipping.

I just want my goals to start today,
When the energy is right,
Motivation is high.
So this year is the year I get better at a lot of shit.
Starting today…


Running without stress
Kinetic freedom striding
Goals getting checked off


Photo Credit: By Kyle Cassidy (Email) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons